Allow Me To Teach You A Giant Life Lesson

Remember recently when I confessed to walking into a glass wall in front of everyone in a cafe + hotel lobby? Let’s stop for a minute and breathe in the embarrassment from that encounter and then multiply it by approximately 100 million with the story I am about to share with you.

Last night Abigail and I went to a bridal shower for a girl in our church. It was hosted at a church members home that I’ve been to one time{for my own baby shower actually, but let’s see that was….4 years ago?} but, I couldn’t remember exactly how to get there. So I pulled up MapQuest shortly before we left our house to check out the step by steps. I ended up deciding that since I had been there before I wouldn’t take the time and paper to print the directions, I would just remember the few turns and then be able to spot the house because of where everyone was parked.

Brilliant! How could that plan ever go wrong for someone as directionally challenged as me?

So, anyway, Abigail and I swung by Target to pick out a shower card and then headed via my fancy memory route to bridal shower house.


I was AMAZING myself. I never do this because I always get lost, but I was ON POINT. Every turn was right where it should be. Every street and every light beckoned me home.

I turned right onto their street and saw all of the expected and recognizable cars from all of the church family that I know and love.

I parked directly behind Abigail’s besties car.

We unloaded ourselves and walked up the driveway to the house with cars parked ALL around it, cars parked in the driveway, the garage doors are wide open, the front door is open, the storm door is unlocked.

You know how these sorts of parties are just a “doors open! come on in!” kinda deal?

Abigail and I waltz on inside to bridal shower house.



Where is everyone? And…..why do I feel like I don’t recognize this place….?

There is a tv murmuring from the other room and I don’t hear any women chatting, despite all of the cars. My brain tells me, “They must all be back in the kitchen?”

And then a lovely blonde woman peeks her head around the wall and looks at me all confused.

I sputter out, “I’m here for the shower?”

And she says, “You mean, for the house next door?”


I can’t even.


What do you say to a stranger whose house you have just waltzed right into?

WELL. Let me tell you!

#1 I’m SO sorry.


#3 You have SUCH a lovely home

#4 SO nice to meet you!

#5 Goodbye kind neighbor! Thank you for not shooting this trespasser!

She was so nice and laughed and said, “Tell Gracie! She’ll think this is hilarious!”

And I thought, “ain’t NO WAY I’m walking into that party and telling everyone what I just did.”

I’ll blog about it later and still writhe in shame and agony later.

Abigail and I crossed the two front yards, RANG THE DOORBELL and huzzah, we were finally at bridal shower house. Which then proceeded to be a perfectly lovely time filled with all sorts of wonderful wedding related festivities.

So please allow my life lesson to you be this:


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  1. LOL!!!! Oh Courtney. I am SO directionally challenged too. Once my husband told me how to get to a particular mall, I turned the wrong way and… ended up at a different mall! I was pretty happy (it was a better mall) but he couldn't understand how I misinterpreted the directions he gave me (turn left LOL) and got there. Thank goodness for the iPhone maps app! It's my savior every time!!!

  2. Ohhhh my. =)
    I have to admit that I laughed a ton but in truth I would be so embarrassed. Did A have any idea of what was going on?
    Too funny. But high five to you mama

    1. Yeah. It's lucky for me that you can't *actually* die from embarrassment.

      Surprisingly, she didn't really say much. I thought 100% for sure she was going to tell everyone that we just went inside the neighbors house. Color me surprised that she didn't rat me out!

  3. oh my god! this is hilarious! i am laughing so hard because it is absolutely something i would do. i would have been so mortified, and driven home lol. thank goodness the lady was nice about you walking into her house!

  4. I love this so much. Too funny. That woman was probably laughing her butt off after you left!:) I mean, it def could have been worse, right? You could have walked in on someone naked or something crazy…Make you feel any better? No? Well, at least it's a great memory!!!

  5. hahahahahahahahahahaah!!!!! This story totally made my day! You're too funny, friend. I'm thankful it was a nice, sweet lady and not some crazy person.

  6. now THAT is hilarious! hahaha. I can't imagine! by the way, I just found your blog from the list of stay-at-home-mom nominees so I just wanted to stop by and say hi and tell you that I'm glad I found your blog and excited to be following along now!

  7. OMG that's awesome! So glad the lady was nice about it but omg wow. i wouldve died. I might have even skipped the shower after that. 🙂

  8. Hahaha! You're too funny Courtney! That's awesome 🙂 Good thing the lady was so nice! You should have told the people at the shower. That's why I use Google Maps on my phone all the time. I hate relying on my phone but that feature is the bomb.

  9. Ah, so "directionally challenged" is the trait you inherited from me?!! Great story! Thanks for having the courage to share it with us! I think you're pretty awesome! xoxo Auntie K

  10. Bwahahaha. Oh man. Thanks for sharing. I'm usually too lazy to print, but I'm the kind who takes notes and always carries a notebook…and is VERY nervous about going to a house I've never been to before!

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