Day In The Life With Two

I think I have officially decided that “day in the life” posts are the hardest posts for me to do! I swear I plan it out a million times in advance and then always forget. Example A: this post was originally scheduled for *drum roll please* May of 2015. I thought that it would be good to get one last “day in the life” post in before Mabel arrived so I could always remember what things were like with just me and Abigail. And then Mabel showed up two weeks early and this is the first time I’ve done a day in the life post since.

Better late than never, I say.

Okay, I don’t really say that, because I’m actually more of an “early is on time” sort of person, but the platitude works here.

Day: January 25th, 2016

Abigail is 5 years old, Mabel is 8 months, Courtney is 27, Jim is 30.

My day actually started around 11:30 the night before for Miss Mabel’s first middle of the night feeding. Then I was up again around 3:00 to feed her again….and then we finally started our day around 7. Jim brought Mabel to me in bed and I nursed her, changed her diaper, and we snuggled and played for a little bit. Abigail’s clock is set to turn green at 7:30, so once she bursts onto the scene we’d better be ready to hit the ground running.

I go ahead and start getting ready for the day with children under foot and once Abigail comes out of her room I have her go to the bathroom and brush her teeth before we head downstairs for breakfast.

I make my daily vanilla latte with my littlest assistant barista while Abigail eats a bowl of raisin bran in the dining room next to us.

By the time all of this is said and done, Miss Mabel is ready for her first nap of the day. Around 9 or so.

I lay her down and then Abigail and I get started on Spena School!

I told her to pretend to write something, so she very convincingly left the cap on. She also wore her coat inside the house all morning.

Mabel was still asleep after we finished school so we headed outside to enjoy an unusually warm January day!

Mabel finally woke up around 10:30, so we went and got her, I nursed and changed her, and then off we went to run errands.

We did our weekly grocery shopping trip at our now super close Walmart Neighborhood Market and then came right back home. After unloading the groceries and putting everything away, it was time to start lunch!

The girls had Annie’s Mac & Cheese and face timed their Grandma Jenny.

Immediately following lunch we do nap time for Mabel and quiet time for Abigail. She’s only in her room for about an hour, but sometimes she will still fall asleep. Not today though!

Mabel woke up first so Abigail was excited to be reunited once her light turned green πŸ™‚

We heard the mail being delivered so we went downstairs to see what we’d gotten- surprise! A package!

It turned out to be some Christmas presents that were the wrong size originally, so Mom reordered them and they finally arrived today.

This week in school we’re working on the letter C for cow, so we made butter for our afternoon snack! We took turns churning the cream for about 20 minutes until it turned to butter we could put on our bread. So super fun- I can’t believe it actually turned out.

Annnnnd then we entered into that rough twoish hour time vortex that we just try to survive until Daddy gets home. Mabel played with her farm until she just couldn’t hang anymore and ended up taking a short third nap of the day around 4. If we have a busy day she typically only naps twice, but if we’re home most of the day, she usually needs three.

Abigail drew pictures, built with blocks, and then we went back outside for more swinging, hide and go seek, and soccer.

Once Mabel woke up it was time to start on dinner!

With children underfoot again, of course. Salmon, broccoli cheese quinoa, and sliced apples were on the menu tonight!

Finally! Around 5:30 Daddy is home! (Sometimes I consider going back to work just so I can have greetings like this)

Β Seriously. We do dramatic greetings around here. 8-5 is just way too long.

Mabel and I both got our greetings as well and then it was time to eat dinner! By the time we were done and had cleared off the table, it was time to get Mabesy ready for bed.

Seriously, girl can’t hang. Even with three naps, by 6:30 she is tapped. So we head upstairs to change her diaper, nurse, sleep sack, sing Jesus Loves Me, and then off to dream land she goes…for a few hours.

While I was putting Mabel to bed, Jim took Abigail out to go run a few errands. So once I left Mabel’s room I got back to priming the guest room that we had started the night before.

I was just finishing when Jim and A got home and it was time to get her ready for bed!

Bathroom, teeth brushing, books, prayers, snuggles, stalling, and then lights out for Abigail!

Once we finally get the girls to bed it’s time for Jim and I to take our victory lap. We have a drink, some popcorn, watch an episode of How I Met Your Mother, and then head to bed. I should be up in a few hours with the Mabes and will be ready to do it all again bright and early!

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  1. I love the victory lap. I think we all have one of those at the end of a busy day, right? I have also been planning a day in the life post…and notice it hasn't happened yet. Lol! But loved reading yours – these posts are always my favorite kind. I love seeing how other SAHMs spend their days. And still loving all these pics in the new house – every room is just so cozy and charming!

  2. I love DIL posts, too! I can't remember if I've done one since Wyatt has been here or not. ?? I should look into that. I still can't get over how charming your house is!

  3. I love these posts. And, I love the victory lap. I did not get mine last night, but today I'm making it a point!

  4. iii love this post! i mean i LOVE a good peep into someone else's routine. i have always thought about doing this myself but i have yet to get it together!!! you are so efficient! high five.

  5. Mabel sounds a lot like Hal! She sometimes STILL is a 2 nap girl at 19 months! I LOVE that gummy smile photo of her on the changing table! And Abigail is too sweet with her Daddy!

  6. I always enjoy these posts and seeing other people's routines! Sounds like you've gotten into a good one with your girls. I'm always jealous of the send of and welcome homes Kevin gets, but the snuggles and sweet moments of the day make up for it. I think we're going to have to invest in that green light sleep timer when we make the switch to a big girl bed in the Spring.

  7. 3-5 pm seriously are the worst hours of the day!!! Finn is early to bed as well…7pm or he loses it! But I am super jealous of your minimal night wakings; Finn is on the every two hours schedule.

  8. I can't wait I until we can get Luke to sleep at a reasonable hour! He's usually up until 9pm which leaves us no time for a victory lap. Sad face. Someday! Your routine sounds super similar to ours!

  9. So, I've seen several DITL posts this week and was all geared up to do one today and totally bombed. I even took a couple of pictures and then three hours went by and I was like…ugh totally forgot. Ha! I'm so glad to know that Abigail's clock is set for 7:30. We've been talking about getting one for Wyatt and I didn't know what time was appropriate. 8, 9,…10! ha! πŸ™‚

  10. i love posts like this πŸ™‚ i know i say this every time, but Mabel is so cute i almost can't handle it. and love the awesome greetings you all have going down. my cats are excited when the first person comes home, but they are normally over it by the time the second person (me) comes home. and if someone is home all day, they don't care when the other person comes home lol.

  11. haha, victory lap, I hear ya on the survival mode until Daddy gets home, lol! Love these post, just read another one just before this one. I'm doing one next week πŸ™‚ Must be a new year, new DITL!

  12. I love day in the life posts and I love looking back on the ones I write [which is rare]. But like you it takes me forever to actually write a day in the life post! I plan, but it doesn't happen. They really are some kind of wonderful though. I love this post and the pictures you shared with it. And goodness sakes, little Miss Mabel is just so sweet and equitable looking! I don't know how you don't smother her with hundreds of kisses every day. While I'm not homeschooling a 5 year old, our days do have many similarities. Also, those pictures of you and Mabel at the end of the day – love! Such a wonderful way to spend the day πŸ™‚

  13. I absolutely loved reading this!! And I'd really love to know more about Abigail's "turning green" to wake-up routine… Do you use the little owl light (the name escapes my head right now lol)? When did you start/how did you train her?

    Xo Melissa
    Cherish & Bloom

  14. You mentioned a clock that turns green for Abigail, what type of clock is it? My daughter keeps coming out of her room around 6:15 and I'd love her to play quietly in her room for a bit to give me more time to get ready in the morning.

  15. My oldest was just like Mabel when it came to sleeping πŸ™‚ praying his little brother will be a great sleeper too!

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