A Friday Post

And just like that we’re already a week into April! The girls and I are absolutely loving the spring weather that we’ve been having here in Missouri. We can’t get enough of playing in our backyard, trips to the park, and taking “explorer” walks around our neighborhood.

I don’t have a ton to say today, but I have some pictures that I want to share! So, without further ado, happy Friday!
No, that isn’t bird poop in Abigail’s hair. She managed to walk into a paint roller while we were working on her bedroom a few weekends ago.

ANYWAY, how sweet are these two? Can’t get enough.
The girls each got a Candy Kirby doll for Christmas and they are so cute I can’t stand it! Abigail has a purple one(naturally) and Mabel got a mint and pink one. They both go with their bedrooms and they each love them. And so do I!

Also, Mabel and that hand on her hip. All the time.

Dance class. The perfect time for a selfie! Mabel doesn’t necessarily agree.
I never get ready for the day by myself. Typically there are two little people right at my feet the entire time. And, of course, they are dressed and ready and look all cute and adorable before I’ve even been able to like…brush my teeth.

On a home related note, this floor is my favorite thing in this bathroom. And the only thing that will be staying when we totally gut and redo it….whenever that will be. (Because, dollars)

The Daddy leaving for work parting committee. No one ever says goodbye to me like that. Though, I suppose I have to actually leave to have the opportunity.
We meet at this big church for Mops twice a month and in their children’s area they have this train. Every time we go, before we can leave, we have to go sit on the train. Lucky for me, I got a cute sister pic out of it this time.
My little kitchen corner cabinet is coming along! Thanks to the Target dollar spot! It’s lookin right ready for spring. And that makes me happy!
Mabel decided that this week would be a good week to start drinking out of sister’s sippy cups like a jedi master. I mean, she was guzzling down water like it was no big thing.

I won’t lie. It broke my heart a bit. It made her look so big and I am SO not ready for her to be moving onto non baby things. I mean, she’s still my toothless, non crawling, nursing baby girl. Chowing down on dinner with the fam and taking a swig from her cup was just something I was not quite ready for!

And yes, I think that makes me certifiable.


Lastly, that TWD finale?! Right!?

Have a great weekend, folks!


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  1. That floor is amazing…we almost did that in our bathroom! ANd those dolls…Louise is totally getting one this year! Haha, you DO have to leave in order to get them to say goodbye to you! 😉 Have a great weekend!!

  2. Your little kitchen corner looks so cute; I love what you’ve done with it! Thank goodness for the Target Dollar Spot, right? And the cuteness of your girls is just too much. Mabel’s little hand on her hip – it kills me! Her drinking from a sip cup gives me hope! I’ve been trying to get Oliver to drink from one for months, now, but he mostly just bangs it around and then drops it on the floor. haha. Maybe one day it’ll just click for him too? Maybe?

  3. The last 10 minutes of TWD were crazy! I knew they were t going to show who it was, but I think they should have. Is it October yet?

  4. Yay for spring weather and being able to spend time outside! It’s our favorite. Sweet pictures of your precious family! Your corner makes me happy! I saw all those cute things at Target, but didn’t grab any because I didn’t know where I would put them. Now I am regretting that decision! Target is the best. Mabel is such a big girl. She looks so happy with the sippy cup. Oh I can’t wait to catch up on this season of TWD.

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