Fall Things

My favorite kind of a post. A life lately update, filled with so many precious pictures of my family, not doing anything extravagant or over the top. Just simple, little moments that all add up to really big, important things.

So, fall in Missouri basically opted to go from 90 degrees to 30 degrees overnight. Our furnace broke at this time (probably because I offended it by talking about it and showing it to everyone on my Instagram) so that was all very exciting.

Things have settled into a pretty good routine over here though. We’re in a good groove with our school days/hours, have adjusted (again) to having a mobile baby (again), the weather is hanging out in the 60’s this week (praise), and all is well for the time being. I accept.

Back when fall was in the 90’s and we were all still rocking our shorts and short sleeves. Have I mentioned how glad I am that it finally feels like fall outside yet?

KidKraft sent my girls this kitchen and turns out it has been the single greatest thing EVER. I had planned to take it up to their room, but all three of them love playing with it so much (and spend SO MUCH TIME playing with it) that it has taken up permanent residence in our living room for now.

Thankfully, since it’s even prettier than my actual kitchen, I’m fully okay with this.

Speaking of those school days, they are going really well! We all have breakfast together and play for a little bit. Then, during Finn’s morning nap, I set Abigail up with her work, Mabel with a show, and we all get our stuff done. We take a break for lunch and then during afternoon naps, Abigail completes anything that she hasn’t finished yet, does some additional reading, and her chores for the day. So far, so good!

I absolutely adore three year olds. Mabel is at the most precious age and I can’t get enough of her! The way she talks, the way she bounces from place to place always, the way she plays, the way she sleeps. Gah, she’s really the sweetest little girl and I could go on about her for ages!

Abigail took these pictures of the three of us and it was so awesome I had to take my own picture of the pictures. Because look at them! ha!

Having a 7 (almost 8…wahhhh) paparazzi around is nice.

I paid her in chocolate chips for this picture.

One of these children had an easier time sharing the steering wheel than the other. I’ll let you decide who it was.

Last week, we went to the final Third Thursday of the year downtown. We always love getting to do this as a family! We usually eat dinner, walk around, grab some treats, and have a great time together.

Finn kicked off his shoes and I did not have the capacity to put them back on for like the fourth time in 30 minutes. So, cold feet for him.

For those of you who have been wondering if I am regretting cutting my hair yet, the answer is a solid NO. Best decision I have made in a longgggg time. Zero regrets!

We have this game called “Spot It” and “Spot It, Jr.” that Mabel is completely obsessed with playing. We play it all day, every day, alternating between the Junior and adult versions. Abigail has never really been one for playing games, so I have loved getting to sit and do this with Mabel! So fun.

The flip house project is still moving right along! Floors and walls are being ripped up and out and it won’t be too long before it will be time to start rebuilding all of the things that have been taken apart. Exciting!

And that kind of sums up a bit of life lately around here!

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  1. My heart feels so happy coming back to your space! I’m sorry I’ve been MIA so long! Your family is so dang precious and you friend…you look ah-mazing! Hope y’all are doing well and happy Fall!

  2. So many fun things going on at your house! My kids have mixed feelings about our play kitchen. They are either obsessed with it or ignore it. Fletcher went through a good, long stage of refusing to wear any shoes so seeing Finn’s tiny toes out and about made me smile.

  3. Love your hair cut, so cute!! I am currently waiting, not very patiently, for mine to grow back out. haha We bribe Bowen with M&M’s, which he calls yum yums. I try to correct it but it’s so darn cute!

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