Our week through Instagram

One crazy night filled with somersaults off the coffee table and over our anywhere chair
We used to joke in hair school, “the higher the hair, the closer to God”
 Little one was a lot closer after nap time.
Learning to play tether ball at the park!
 Even though she mainly managed to hit herself with the ball every.single.time. she hit it, she still had a blast and asks to go back every day.
More posin with the tether ball. Such a sweets!
Spending Saturday afternoon playing on the living room floor together. The best.
Our ginormous play place in our town. Mama refuses was completely buttered up and convinced to climb all the way up and go down the giant slide. Mildly terrifying.
Coming out of the humongous slide with Daddy
The stuff maternal heart attacks are made of.
Be still my heart. Play it cool, play it cool.
Such a stylish little lady on her way to church.
Completely annhilating a bowl of guacamole. Rock on, little girl.

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