Family Christmas Cards With Tiny Prints

It is the most wonderful mail time of the year! Christmas card season!

Last year, we had just moved into our house and I was (literally) posting to my Facebook page asking how to mail stuff from a house with no mailbox(really!) But this year, we are now friends with our walking, door to door mailman and had so much fun putting together our family Christmas cards and giving them to him to mail off for us!

I partnered with Tiny Prints this year for our family Christmas cards and could not be happier with how they turned out!

After our family pictures last month, I had to go back and forth and back and forth and back and forth some more before finally deciding on what pictures to use!

I love the simplicity of one photo on the front, but I wanted a little something to jazz it up, so I ended up selecting “Scintillating Snowfall”  red foil stamped holiday cards.

These family Christmas cards are just perfection!

img_9543 Family Christmas Cards With Tiny Prints by Missouri mom blogger A + Life img_9553 Family Christmas Cards With Tiny Prints by Missouri mom blogger A + Life

I debated between vertical or horizontal family Christmas cards, red or gold font, the card shape, and more! But Tiny Prints made it so quick and easy to toss around all of my ideas. All I had to do was upload my photos and then I could plug them in and out of cards that I had already favorited (with their simple to use favoriting system!) to see how they looked.

img_9556 Family Christmas Cards With Tiny Prints by Missouri mom blogger A + Life

Of course, as much as I wanted to use just one photo on the front, I couldn’t leave the back of our card completely blank!

So, I used one of my very favorite pictures of the girls from our photo shoot.

img_9558 Family Christmas Cards With Tiny Prints by Missouri mom blogger A + Life

This moment was so funny while we were taking pictures, because Mabel had been so horrible the entire time but she was suddenly smiling and squealing and happy because we were letting her play in the rocks. And we got these amazing pictures of her. Meanwhile, Abigail is holding rocks up to her eyes. LOL. It’s just so ridiculous and perfect and I love it.

And I just had to include a short verse to really share what we believe that this season is all about. Hope, joy, and peace. All because our Savior came down to us, to dwell with us. Our God, Emmanuel.

But my very, very, very favorite part of our family Christmas cards this year?! The personalized stamps!!

img_9569 Family Christmas Cards With Tiny Prints by Missouri mom blogger A + Life

I got to pick just one more family picture to include in our stamps and they make me SO happy. They are such a fun touch to add to the front of our envelopes and I just love them!

img_9577 Family Christmas Cards With Tiny Prints by Missouri mom blogger A + Life

These officially went out on Monday, so they should be arriving in many a mailbox(or mail slot in your door, if you’re like us!) this week! 🙂

If you have waited to order your Christmas cards, you STILL HAVE TIME! With Tiny Prints you can still get your cards by Christmas if you order by the 16th. Use the code BESTFINALE to get 40% off of EVERYTHING + Free Shipping!

Do you love Christmas cards? Have you mailed yours out already or do you like to wait until the last second?


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  1. LOVE! Your little family is just so precious and adorable! … I haven’t done our Christmas cards yet. whoops. And then I got to thinking I just wouldn’t do them at all. But after seeing yours I really want to do some! Oh decisions… And time. haha. I better get on it if I’m going to do them this year! I love how yours turned out and I had no idea you could have personalized stamps!

  2. Great pictures & cards! Love the colors and personalized stamps! I just finished sealing mine and will drop them at the post office today. This year I got it done early by using a Groupon with Target so they took the pictures and made the cards. Yay for money & time saving. ?

  3. Your card is gorgeous, I love that style with the full picture and then the words/design on top (hence ours too), but my favorite is definitely the back of yours, such a fun picture and perfect verse. Such a beautiful time of year to be so hopeful. 🙂

  4. no mail box?! so wait, did you previously put mail in your mail box and the postie took it? for real? you can do that???? that’s brilliant! i wonder if i can?
    i love love love the stamps – so fancy!! and that photo is fabulous and needs to be framed as well as stamp-ified. haha.

  5. I love the stamp and how it lets you get one more picture in there! As for the mailbox, what a nice mailman you have, taking all your cards. We normally mail everything at the post office. We have a mail slot, so couldn’t just put mail out either. Plus, the walking mailmen in our area don’t seem to like it when we give them mail.

  6. I love cards and always seem tog et free ones from shutterfly. And mine have been sent already, I try to be good aboit that. Of course they only feature Remmy but still, everyone in my life loves her ao its nice to update their yearly pic.

  7. Oh, your card is just perfection! Love love love the photos you chose. They are so warm and lovely – the light is gorgeous! And so glad baby Mabel meltdowns didn’t ruin the photos! I’m jealous of those stamps. Awesome.

  8. Your cards turned out SO GOOD!!! I just love that picture of the four of you that you chose and the picture of the girls on the back is pure perfection and captures them perfectly! I hope one of those beauties is on its way to me 😉

  9. How fun that your mail gets delivered to a slot in your door! Love that! Your cards and family photos turned out gorgeous! The memories that go along with the photos will never be forgotten as well! Perfection.

  10. They are absolutely perfect and I adore the photos you used! I still can’t believe I missed the personalized stamps. ugh!

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