Easter 2013

We had an absolute blast with my parents and brother this weekend. It made our Easter that much more full(literally, I can hardly button my pants) and blessed.
After dyeing Easter eggs together, Abigail got to make yummy M&M cookies with Grammy and Pappy.
And then got to enjoy a few leftover M&M minis with her Pappy 🙂
Easter morning my parents put together a little basket of goodies for A. Mom nonchalantly set the basket on the counter, thinking maybe Abigail wouldn’t notice and we could go through it after church. Wrong! It took that little girl about 2 seconds to 1) notice the basket 2) shout, “that’s the mouse from Cinderelly!” and 3) proclaim, “Imma climb up onto the bar stools”
Going through her loot. She looooves her Gus Gus! Also, reading the Easter story together with Grammy and Pappy before we headed to church.
Little one starting her Easter Egg hunt!
Her outfit?
Seriously. I die.
She did so good finding all of her eggs! She loved it!
Going through all of her(12) eggs with Pappy to see what is inside(stickers)!
Those sweet pigtails. They kill me!
You haven’t fully relished a beautiful day outside if you miss the opportunity to lay on your driveway and catch bubbles.
Day seized!
Now. That right there is an “Umple Camrin” who loves his niece.
Heart. Melting.
And then we finished out the weekend the same way it started…..with M&M cookies!

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