Happy New Year!

We spent New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day in Peculiar with Jim’s family. The 25th annual toilet bowl was happening on the 1st and we certainly could not miss that, so up to Kansas City it was!
It snowed on us when we arrived and they had a good bit that stuck around for Abigail to get to “play” in.
Mostly, she just got bundled up, walked with Daddy to the garage, and then came back inside 🙂
This is the face I got when I asked her to smile for the camera.
Oy. Starting to get the idea.
Usually when I ask her to smile for the camera she just shouts, “smile!!!” while looking somewhere else, or at the very least(most?), doesn’t smile at all.
Dada, what is this stuff??
After this she was ready to come in for a while:)
NYE night we had loads of fun playing and visiting inside the house, in FRONT of the fire where it was warm, warm, warm.
Posin’ with Uncle Logan
Me and my sister in law. We were homeschooled. These are what prom pics look like, right?
We stayed up watching “The Man Who Knew Too Little”, playing Settlers of Catan, drinking Pink Champagne, and enjoying family.
~New Years Day~
Still snow on the ground! Less than 20 degrees! And we were going to go play a football game in it.
Crazy, yes.
We didn’t own anything for Abigail to wear to play in the snow. And she reeeallly wanted to go out in it. Thankfully, the next door neighbors have a little girl a few years older than Abigail. She sent over some outgrown winter clothes for Abigail to wear(and keep- SO generous) out in the snow.
A good shot of this get up. Pink cowgirl boots. Giant swishy sweats. Adult hat. Adult “Glubs”. Big puffy coat with rabbit ears on the hood.
So much win.
Her first experience with snowballs and sledding, which she called a boat.
 After this, Abigail went inside and got to play with Grandma Jenny while all of the other grownups played the 25th Toilet Bowl. It was a great game, even though my team lost. I’m waddling around today complaining about my aches and pains like a Granny.
It was such a wonderful new year’s day. Our family has been so greatly blessed.
In light of some recent events(particularly the events of November 6th, coupled with general New Year’s type inspiration) Jim and I have made a long “resolutions” list that I’m hoping to get posted up here really soon!

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