Christmas Day 2018

Another magical Christmas day has come and gone and I am so grateful to have a place to record all of our special photos and memories. I will be back with another post to share more of our trip to Arizona (always the best time everrr!) but today I wanted to simply share our Christmas Eve night and Christmas Day.

We got to go to a special Christmas Eve service at my parents church and it was wonderful! Beautiful music, no candles (a check in the positive column for a parent with littles!), and a wonderful time of worship.

After service, we went to dinner at Chompies! We love to go here after church because it’s really close by. It’s kind of a fun post-church tradition of ours!

Then we came home and baked and decorated cookies for Santa!

And ate copious amounts of frosting 😉

We snuggled on the couch together and watched Beauty & The Beast, took a night swim, and then set things up for Santa’s arrival!

I told Abigail that when I was a kid, we always left a can of Mountain Dew out for Santa (he needs the caffeine!) so that’s what she wanted to leave for him too. Along with some carrots for the reindeer of course!

Then it was time for a magical Christmas morning! Mabel’s face says it all.

Y’all know I live for matching PJ’s!

Overall, it was such a special morning as a family. Celebrating Jesus, opening gifts, being together. Nothing better!

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