Snapshots from our trip to SDC!

This past Monday Mom, Dad, Aunt Mary Esta, Abigail and I headed over to Silver Dollar City for the day. We had SO much fun and the weather was SO much better than the last time we went(check it here).
I got a few fun pictures but I tried to be intentional about them. I mean, who really needs one hundred thousand pictures of your kid riding the same ride every time you go. Know what I’m saying?
So, with that being said, here a few of the highlights from our trip.
She only rode the Merry Go Round 4 times in a row. I think it’s pretty safe to say we’ve discovered Abigail’s favorite ride of all time.
Mmm, SDC lunch time. Dried burgers, old fries, you know, standard amusement park fare.
Riding the “Choo choo” together. There is always a huge line to wait in, a weird stop mid-ride to watch a weird “show”, but there is always a nice breeze and a chance to sit. Also, she loves it.
Nomming on a giant bag of “cattle corn” as she lovingly calls it. I’m fairly positive she could eat her own body weight in kettle corn. But, who am I kidding, so could I.
Riding the “bufferflies” with her Grammy. In a pink butterfly/caterpillar, of course. We will not settle for less!
So sorry M.E. The only proof I have that Aunt Boogs was even with us all day. But, look at them. They clearly had a fabulous day.
Day. Seized.
The first words out of Abigail’s mouth when she woke up the next morning?
“That was a CRAZY ride!”
I think one little girl is completely enamored with a big place called Silver Dollar City.

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