Fall Family Pictures

Last weekend we met with our new photographer, the lovely Meaghan Younker, to take some fall family pictures!

I am teaming up with Tiny Prints for Christmas cards this year, so I needed some new photos! I loved our family photos from Mabel’s 1st birthday, but they were too bright and springy for Christmas cards(I thought). So we went with a deeper color scheme for this shoot.

The weather was absolutely perfect. The lighting was absolutely perfect. I loved, loved, loved how our outfits came together. The time of day was perfect, everyone was fed and rested and ready to go.

And then there was Mabel.

She decided that she really, really, like really really wanted to walk around and play with rocks. And anytime we tried to pick her up or set her somewhere OTHER than where the rocks were, just full blown, absolute and complete melt down ensued. Honestly, I’ve actually never really ever seen her act that way before. We were completely befuddled by it!

And nothing helped. Pacifier, nursing, letting her play for a while to calm down and then picking her back up, letting her hold the rocks….nothing. She just got to wailing and screaming and couldn’t seem to stop herself.

So, about 45 minutes of taking pictures later, I was pretty solidly convinced that we would just be the crying baby Christmas card people this year.

But, Meaghan must possess some sort of super power(I’m not ruling out photoshop :p) that made it so we had over 100 amazing images from our shoot to keep. (Only 5 days after our photo shoot! Crazy!)

So with that introduction, here are our fall family pictures 🙂 (But not our Christmas card pictures! I will be sharing those after they arrive!)

dsc_2309 dsc_2288

courtney-abigail-1-1 dsc_2375


dsc_2322 dsc_2520 dsc_2711 dsc_2546 dsc_2729 dsc_2926 dsc_3031 dsc_3076 dsc_3206 dsc_3257 dsc_3267 dsc_3290 picmonkey-collage picmonkey-collage1 dsc_3308 dsc_3330

I’m completely head over heels in love with every single picture that Meaghan took(though a large margarita and my body weight in chips and queso after the shoot was required) and I’m SO super excited to print them and put them all around my house and I’m REALLY excited to get your Christmas cards in the mail.

If you’re local and need a photographer, check out Meaghan Younker. You can check out her website and her instagram to see some of her latest work!

And, if you’re interested, you can shop for all of the items we wore in the widget below!


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  1. Very cute! We used the pictures we took in August for our card, which I guess it’s very Christmasy of us but I’m okay with it. Jordan only allows me to spend so much money on professional pics 😉 I took family pics for a friend this weekend and their 15-mo-old was doing an epic freak out at the end so I used the old head swap trick and I think they turned out pretty well.

  2. Ok I just have to say it one last time… I’m OBSESSED With your bangs. Total babe status! Love all of the photos 🙂 You have such a sweet family.

  3. So many great photos! I love them all. My girls don’t have much of an attention span either, so it is hard to capture them….we get lots of action shots. Love your bangs in these photos!

  4. Gorgeous pictures!! You could have fooled me that Mabel was a pill. haha Your photographer did an amazing job and you did such a great job styling everyone. Bravo!! They all turned out great even the ones of Mabel with a frown. Kids sure like to keep things interesting and make their moms sweat – huh?? Glad you got some treats afterwards to celebrate making it through.

  5. These pictures turned out amazing. I love the lighting! And, we were “that family” last year that sent a picture out with a crying baby. In fact, said picture is blown up huge and hung in our living room. It was a stressful photo shoot, but now I look at the photo and laugh. It’s real life and I like that.

  6. They are all gorgeous, Courtney!! You wouldnt even know Mabel had a rough day just by looking at these. You hit the lighting jackpot!

  7. These are absolutely darling, Courtney! I don’t know how you’re going to narrow them down for a card! We’re supposed to do some this week…we’ll see what we get. 😉

  8. Oh my goodness, these pics are perfect. I love fussy faces and that backlight is incredible. What a great place for photos, too, just the perfect setting and the outfits are such a nice mix of fall and holidays.

  9. These turned out sooooooooo good! Isn’t it funny the way toddlers work?! One moment they are perfectly happy, then they are inconsolable. These are magical though and I know you will treasure them forever. Such a beautiful family.

  10. Mabel may not have been smiley and happy in all the photos, but both girls look absolutely adorable and you got some great ones. Love the outfits. 🙂

  11. But seriously!!! That LIGHT! They turned out so good!!!! And while a crying Mabel picture might not have to be in your Christmas card future, at least she accurately captured real life at this stage of life 🙂

  12. That is such great pictures of your family. I can’t tell she was crying . I also have some crying pictures of one of our kids when they were younger. Happy Thanksgiving to you all. My mom and Frank could not come up to see us because her blood pressure got high.

  13. Oh my word! Your job of picking out one for Christmas cards must have been so hard. These are all so GORGEOUS! You have a beautiful family, Courtney.

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