As always, we had the most wonderful visit to Arizona to see my parents. Our days were filled with all sorts of special activities- from seeing family and friends, eating at our favorite restaurants, celebrating our anniversary, celebrating two holidays! Plus, lots of simple things as well. Movies, snacks, games, and pool time at home. Lots of walks, lots of park time, golf lessons with my Dad, going to my parent’s church, Starbucks runs, and other things like that. It was the best.

We flew out of Tulsa and the flight was mostly uneventful- other than Finn being bright eyed, feisty, and bushy tailed the entire time!

I got a new phone for Christmas, right before we left. I accidentally called 911 from my purse at the airport. SO that was exciting.

But we made it! and it was 70 degrees and beautiful and wonderful and we grabbed In N Out on the way back to their house and all was right with the world.

(Not In N Out)

The girls got to do so many fun things while we were there! They got to go to the Nutcracker Ballet with my parents. They went to see Mary Poppins Returns. As I mentioned above, Abigail got to take multiple golf lessons with my Dad. They got to make and decorate their Gingerbread houses AND make Christmas cookies with Grammy. (Abigail also got to make the rolls for Christmas dinner!)

On Christmas evening, we got to sneak away to celebrate our anniversary! We hadn’t had a chance to have a night away yet so we jumped at the chance to visit the JW Marriott (conveniently located just down the road from my parents) and free babysitting. (It was awesome)

She thought he was pretty funny.

More In N Out (naturally)

Abigail got to have a cousin sleepover for the first time ever (she was v v v excited) and after we dropped her off, Jim and I visited the Tempe IKEA to check out their after Christmas sales and brainstorm about the flip house design a little bit!

While in Phoenix, I also hosted a really fun party at my Mom’s! She made theeeee most amazing food made with Essential Oils (like legit legit) and lots of ladies came and it was the best time ever!

Back to those Christmas cookies…

Every New Year’s we celebrate with Jim’s sister’s family. They come over and we play games and have the best time! Obviously.

Santa brought both girls Build A Bear gift cards- so we headed to the Scottsdale mall to redeem them!

Both girls are still sleeping with their new babies, so I think they chose well!

While there, we always have to stop at Shake Shack. Because, of course.

Loved and enjoyed by ALL.

Then, on our very last night, when it was freezing- we headed to Zoo Lights!

The girls rode a camel…..

And got to meet Anna + Elsa (and their space heater)

We’re not sure when we’ll get to go back (it had been an entire year since we last visited!!) but hopefully it will be sooner rather than later! We love you, AZ! (and also Mom and Dad)

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