Crushing My Morning With Dixie® To Go

As a stay at home mama to two little girls, my day starts early and it starts fast! I have found that our mornings work best when we can begin our day with a few things:

Our “morning stuff” as well call it, ha! Bathroom, brushed teeth, get dressed, etc.


And blessed Daniel Tiger on PBS.

While the girls spend time watching a show in the living room, I take the chance to clean up breakfast and make my daily vanilla latte!

I have shared before that I can’t make it through my day if I don’t have my morning pick me up(and with the holiday season upon us? oof, without my latte? Forget about it!). As a former barista, I know exactly  how I like my drink and I haven’t deviated from it in…..close to ten years.

I have a super, super old espresso machine- truly, this thing is a dinosaur. I think it came with a VHS instructional tape and it no longer has any customer service available for troubleshooting. But it is an old faithful and it makes me a delicious, foamy latte every single morning!

img_8987 img_8991

For days that we are staying home, I love to use a ceramic mug. But for days on the go? Nothing helps me more than Dixie To Go cups.



Dixie® To Go allows me to enjoy my latte with confidence. With a leak resistant lid and an insulated layer, it gives me the very best on the go experience. No worries about leaks or spills, no clean up, no effort and more time to focus on the things that matter.

Like this sweet little face.

img_9041 img_9043

Whenever we have a busy day(and with Christmas just a few short weeks away….that would be every day!) and need to get out the door, Dixie® To Go is my number one must have item. I wouldn’t make it through my day without my latte and Dixie® To Go helps make it possible!

You can find Dixie To Go cups at Amazon, Target, Walmart, Publix, or Kroger and absolutely crush your morning too!

I was selected for this paid opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


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  1. I love that you have your own espresso machine; I have wanted one since my barista days but never have gotten one. I miss making those drinks!

  2. haha i love that you haven’t deviated from your drink in years! if it aint broke, don’t fix it, right? but you’re so young! when did you start drinking coffee?! we use those cups at work and people love them. i have my 3pm hot chocolate in one every day lol

  3. Our “morning stuff” can truly get under way after I’ve had my first sip of coffee. As a new SAHM I’ve been thinking of putting an espresso machine on my Christmas list this year. Need that extra jolt of energy now! Thanks for sharing!

  4. So my daughter turned 4 in November and of all things she wanted an outdoor party with a piniata and bounce house. Being Kansas of course the weekend before her party was almost hot and the day of her party was 40°. I made a huge croc pot of homemade hot chocolate (thank you Pinterest!) and grabbed a pack of these cups. It was a HUGE HIT. And honestly I would have never had the idea w/o this post. Thanks Courtney! (Btw I’ve been reading you for almost 3 years, I just never post. So thanks for all the laughs along the way for this also previously homeschooled Missourian)

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