Abigail Is Seven!

On Sunday, November 5th at 7:40 am, our sweet Abigail turned 7 years old!

We were in Kansas City for the whole weekend. On her birthday, she woke up to presents and a special family breakfast at IHOP for pancakes before church.

After church we headed out for film festival #2 of the weekend- getting to watch her movie on the big screen!

Then we visited with her great grandparents and had pizza, cake, and more presents.

So, all in all, a pretty fantastic birthday!

Because we were in Kansas City for her actual birthday, we celebrated Miss Abigail with a friend party the following Saturday!

Abigail had her very first Chuck E. Cheese birthday party experience the day after I had Finn back in September and her world was totally rocked. She thought it was the single greatest thing she had ever experienced and was 100% sold on doing the same thing for her birthday!

I’ll admit, I was a little skeptical/hesitant to want to have a Chuck E. Cheese party for her, but I was so wrong to feel that way! It was basically the greatest party ever!

All we had to do was bring a cake and that was it! They set up and cleaned up everything. Mabel was completely obsessed/enamored with the mouse. The big kids could run around freely and play game after game and then were able to take home prizes with the tickets they had earned. It was so, so much fun for them and was so easy for me!

I would totally have another party there (we also started her party at 10 am, so we were the only people there for a long time, which was awesome!) and would recommend it for anyone considering it. It really was great.

But, most importantly, Abigail was SO, so happy. She had the very best time and she felt so special and had the best birthday.

I’ll admit, gift giving and big productions are not something that I am good at. I wish that I was! I’m fully aware of this shortcoming though, and I don’t want it to affect making my kids feel special. Because they are so, so special! So I was really glad that we found some things to make her birthday so Abigailish. It was just perfect for her.

Happy 7th birthday, Abigail Faye!

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  1. She is so so happy!!! Love it! My kids have not had the opportunity to experience Chuck E. Cheese, but I’m sure their day is coming. I actually still vividly remember a birthday that my brother had there, so obviously it was memorable!

  2. How fun! Our kids birthdays are all within 11 days of each other, so our big kids had a Chuck E. Cheese party this year and with a 2 week old in tow, it was the best way to have a party!

  3. I’ve been to lots of CEC parties over the years and they’re all so easy for everyone involved! The thing I also like is that they continue to upgrade their look, games, and even the menu! Sure it’s not Pinterest perfect, but it does the job! ?

  4. I was so elated to see that there is a mouse mascot versus the scary animatronic things in the background. And then I scroll down and saw the animated things. I’ve only ever been to one Chuck-E-Cheese and those quit working and it was a nightmare. I’m seriously laughing my face off. Abigail looked so incredibly happy and I see she had her twirl dress on

  5. happy 7, abigail!!! wow how fast does time go?! i am so glad she had the best day!!! i had a chuck e. cheese bday once upon a time!!! can you believe kids today don’t like the animatronic band anymore so they do a human dancing mouse?! i can’t even fathom!!! but it must be true because she looks SO happy!!! and i am with you… just being a cake?! good deal!!! with a newborn the last thing you need to do is everything yourself!!

  6. Happy belated birthday miss Abgail, it looks as thought you had a wonderful fun time. My my you are getting to be a big beautiful big sister.

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