4 Months Of Mabel!

Miss Mabel is 4 months old! We’re really starting to move out of the newborn stage this month and are heading into a really fun and interactive baby stage! Mabesy is still about the most laid back baby I’ve ever seen. Happy and smiling, cuddly and sweet. She is content to be taken here and there, lets(and loves) big sister Abigail all up in her face, will lay on the floor or be carried in the wrap. You name it, Mabel is likely happy about it.

At Mabel’s 4 month check up she clocked in at a smidge over 24 inches long(63%) and bounded up from the 50’s at her 2 month check up to the 70% weighing in at 15 lb 3 oz. She’s wearing 6-9 month clothes, size 3 diapers, and is finally outgrowing her Freshly Picked Crib Moccasins. I also had to order all new headbands this month(shame) because her noggin finally outgrew all of her newborn sized ones as well!

Mabel nurses every 3 hours around the clock, but is finished eating in ten minutes or so. She’s a speedy little gal.

Her sleep? Aside from two times she gave me a 6 hour stretch, the longest I ever get out of her is 4 hours at night. Usually it’s 2-3 hours before she has me back up again. Thankfully she is fast to eat, doesn’t stay up fussing or crying, and lays right back down. But still- Mama tired!

In other sleep news, we transitioned Mabel out of sleeping in her rock n play this month and moved her to her crib….which we moved to our bedroom. Someday when she isn’t waking up a billion times a night we’ll move her into her own room.

But! She has started taking her naps in her bed(if we’re home) and those are going really well. Especially her morning nap. She will sleep 2-3 hours in there, which works perfectly for Abigail and I to do school and play and other various things around the house.

Mabel’s hair is really starting to grow and come in, we still have no idea what color her eyes are(brown? Green? Gray? Blue Gray? Hazel?), she still has the stork bite on her forehead and the back of her head, and her cute little Kat Von D hemangioma beside her left eye.

Mabel loves bouncing, snuggling, her orange pacifier, her big sister, her mommy and daddy, her baby wrap, sophie the giraffe, tummy time, head shoulders knees and toes, bath time(whenever she gets one- sorry kiddo), and constantly attempting to watch the tv.

We absolutely adore this little girl so much. I’m telling the absolute truth, some days I just look at her and cry because I can’t believe she is real. I can’t believe we were given another baby girl and she is just so beyond anything I could have ever dreamed for our family. We are so thankful for our Mabel girl.

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  1. Happy four months Mabel! She is the SWEETEST! Question, what are you putting her in for naps in the crib? I am trying to transition Avalon to naps in the crib (she has been in the rock-n-play!) – but she isn't having it. Thinking I need to swaddle her b/c she is flailing all around!

  2. Ah, she is just the cutest!!! I can't believe she's in 6-9 month clothes and has outgrown her mods! Louise STILL doesn't fit in her shoes…she's a peanut! I love that you wrote "when you get a bath" – second child problems!! Haha!! I think we bathed Cam every night or every other night…Louise gets 2-3 baths a week!!! Haha 🙂 LOVE this little girl…I'm so glad she's so chill for you!!

  3. She is seriously the sweetest and cutest! She is such a good baby that you make me want to have one just like her! So content to do whatever and totally goes with the flow. What a perfect baby 🙂 And seriously, what a shame you had to buy new headbands. That must have been terrible lol. (give me all the bows!)

  4. She/'s so adorable and sounds just like Finn! Baths are rare (sorry poor second child) and he is always trying to sneak a peek at the TV! I feel pretty strongly about no screen time before age 2, do I suppose it's a good thing Liam rarely watches too!

  5. She is too cute! I need to give her a sweet little squish! How fun that she is starting to interact more and be more baby than newborn. Can she please teach Oliver how to eat in 10 minutes? Please? He doesn't take an hour to eat, but golly, 10 minutes would be awesome! And yay for good naps; I'm hoping Oliver will start being consistent about naps and start taking some good ones. Love this post!

  6. Ugh. I could just eat her up! We tried, very unsuccessfully, to transition to the crib. So although Ben's legs are hanging over the rock-n-play it is working for now. And say whaaaaat?! At that morning nap!! A little bit jealous, I must say! 😉

  7. I so can relate to the feeling of looking at your baby girl and crying. I have been there many a 'times, sister. But when you've got such a cutie like little M, how could you not be grateful!?? My little Kensie makes me feel on top of the world too! Happy 4 months, precious angel baby!

  8. Sweetest demeanor ever.
    Let's also pause for a moment to reflect on her little leg rolls. GAH!! Those are the absolute best.
    I feel you on the sleep… Always needing more of it. 🙂

  9. Sweet Mabel! Once Bre was able to sit up she got bathed more haha.. now she just goes in with Rae and when we're real lazy, I just shower with both of them lol.

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