3 Months Of Finn

Our little Finner is three months old! So many people can’t believe how fast that has gone, but I’m kind of feeling like, how has it only been three months? I feel like he has been with us for so much longer than just three.

He is growing and changing every single day and we seriously can’t get enough of this sweet little boy.

Month Three Stats!

Size: The little piglet has gone through a massive growth spurt over the last few weeks! I weighed him on our scale at home last week and he is clocking in at 14 pounds(he was 11 7 at 2 months!) I’m not sure how long he is, but he is growing out of all of his 3-6 month pajamas and can comfortably fit into his 6-9 ones. Crazy!

Breastfeeding: Still going strong! He eats every 2-3 hours during the day, for about 10 minutes on each side- though he is becoming more efficient and is starting to be done around 7/8 minutes each side instead. He always burps and depending on the day he spits up tonnnnns or hardly at all. I have yet to figure out what makes the difference in when that happens.

Sleep: He has finally started to stretch out his nights! This month we officially gave him a “bedtime” and do a little night time routine before putting him down. Depending on where his feeding time falls, we put him down in the 7 o’clock hour. Ideally with a bath right before, but always with lotion, new diaper, jammies, and Jesus Loves Me. He nurses again and then it’s lights out.

He usually goes until somewhere between 11 and 1, then it’s every 3/4 hours after that until we start our day.

I’ve also started to get him started on a daily nap schedule. I follow the Eat, Play, Sleep cycle so he eats as soon as he wakes up and then after an hour or so he goes down for his nap- while still awake, before acting tired. It’s the best way! He falls asleep without fighting it and usually sleeps in his crib for an hour or two.

Loves: Mama, his sissies, patty cake, sucking on his hands, his play mat, bath time, sitting around with us and just taking it all in.

Hates: Basically nothing. He never cries and he never gets upset. The only times he ever gets worked up is if he has a really big burp that he just can’t seem to get out. Otherwise he just grunts to let us know he needs something or just smiles and enjoys life.

Places He Has Been: Most recently he stayed the night at Downstream Casino for our anniversary weekend with Jim and I! He has also been to Grandma Jenny’s house, Silver Dollar City, the mall, and of course, the grocery store and church.

Personality: Super, super laid back! Possibly our most laid back, content, and go with the flow baby yet. He is happy to just be carried around, or laid down, or put to bed. He just rolls with it. He’s basically the sweetest thing ever.

Who He Looks Like: I joke that the top half of his face is 100% Abigail and the bottom half of his face is 100% Mabel. He for sure is going to have blue eyes, has a lot of Abigail’s features and reminds me so much of her as a baby, but his mouth and chin are completely the same as Mabel’s. It is so fun to watch his look grow and change as he gets bigger.

Comparison Pictures!

Happy 3 months, little Finn! We love you so, so much baby boy!

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  1. I love all the pictures! He is just so adorable. The funny thing about the baby #3 comment above is it truly seems like all #3’s are just such sweet, content, smiley little people. Maybe God knows we need it when our hands are full with three!!!

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