Baby’s First Christmas Wish List

With this year being little Finn’s very first Christmas, I had so much fun putting together a baby’s first wish list!

I like to try and shop for a blend of frivolous and practical, plus a little sentimental!

Basically, everything for babies is tiny, cute, and adorable and you absolutely can’t go wrong. They’re so fun to shop for! But I attempted to round up a few fun things that would be great to gift to any baby in your life!

Hat & Mittens / Sophie The Giraffe / Booties / Fishing Rod / Burp Rags / Boots / Pacifiers / Wubbanub / Rattle / Blocks / Slide / My Pal Scout / Alphabet Train / Moccasins / Anywhere Chair / Play Gym / Wagon

Honorable Mentions:

Baby’s 1st Christmas Ornament, Feeding Mat, Nail Trimmer, Canvas Bin, Bunny

I haven’t started shopping yet, but I am SO excited to get some of these items for Finn’s stocking and his gifts! So, so much fun to shop and buy for.

What are some of your favorite things to buy for baby’s 1st Christmas?

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