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Men's Gift Guide

I asked over on my IG stories the other day if there was any interest in me sharing some gift guide ideas over here on the blog and the number one response I got was to put together a gift guide for him! (him meaning, the boyfriend, husband, brother, etc)

Honestly, I seriously need someone to put one of these together for me every year. Our wedding anniversary is the 16th, Jim’s birthday is on the 18th, and then there is Christmas just a week later!

I have already mentioned how I’m not a great gift giver(though I wish I was!) so I can really struggle to think of something great to get him(three times over!)

But it really was fun putting this guide together, because I actually found so much stuff that I knew he would love! Basically, if it’s stylish, practical, or related to beer, Star Wars, or the Kansas City Royals, I know it will be a winner.

Check it out!

Fit Bit- he has already told me that he doesn’t want one of these. I don’t remember why, but I don’t agree with him. I think he would get totally addicted to it and love it.

Belt– always needing belts in this house. and this one is reversible!

House Shoes– the poor guy is currently wearing the saddest pair of house shoes ever. Definitely needs an upgrade!

Wallet- the same with his wallet. His only condition is that it MUST be a bifold wallet!

Nest Thermostat– He has never mentioned this before, but isn’t saving money on electricity like every man’s sole purpose in life?

Head Phones– he recently received a pair similar to these from my Dad and he LOVES them! They’re sound canceling and with three kids in the house…..well, no further explanation needed.

Nintendo– I actually didn’t realize this was even a thing, but HELLO how cool is this gaming system? Takes us right back to our childhoods. Nothing better than that. I totally call dibs on Donkey Kong.

Casual Dress Shoes– Jim recently mentioned this as being something he needed, so I’m all over that purchase!

Star Wars Ice Molds– Star Wars. Ice. Enough said.

Flat Front Dress Pants– Another specific gift request. Flat front being most important! No pleats, please and thank you.

IPA Beer Brewing Kit– IPA is  Jim’s very favorite beer so when I saw this kit it just screamed out to me as a perfect gift for him! There were a few other beer options as well (if you’re so inclined!) but IPA is his hands down favorite.

Honorable Mentions:

Google Home– another gift item he says he has no interest in. He actually told me that, “it makes his Ron Swanson flare up” because of big brother and all of that 😉

Pocket Squares– These make any dude look chic and cool and awesome- just ask Tom Haverford(and that’s two Parks and Rec references in a row now…)

Boots– in addition to needing to update the house shoes and add casual dress shoes to the closet, he doesn’t own any boots either. These would be an awesome addition!

MLB Team Shirt– can NEVER have enough Kansas City Royals gear.

Pocket Knife– in the eternal quest to become more like your own father, owning a pocket knife gets you 1.5 steps closer instantly.

You can shop everything mentioned in this post, right below! Happy man shopping!

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  1. omg i totally agree with jim on big brother and ron swanson haha!!!! i won’t let steven connect our tv to the internet because everyone knows samsung tvs are listening. DUH!!! but oh goodness gracious are men hard to buy for. these are great suggestions!!!!

  2. I’m impressed by the two Parks and Rec references. You go, girl! I personally would love Google Home, but I think my husband is indifferent. I love your list and actually buy quite a few of those things for my husband each year. I really should switch things up, but he’s so tough to buy for because he gets everything he needs/wants throughout the year!

  3. So many of these would have totally made Scott’s list! But, for whatever reason, he’s decided this month to start buying crap for himself (he NEVER shops for himself). However, the OG Nintendo? Yes! I actually want that for me.

  4. This looks so much like the list of things Landon mentioned through the year he would like. I’ve been writing them down just waiting for Christmastime so I could get him things he would like. Men can be so tricky to shop for/gift, these are wonderful ideas! 🙂

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