House Goals For 2017

In my One Year In Our Home post recently, I listed all of the things that we accomplished fixing up in our house in 2016. So, today, I thought it would be fun to share some of the to-do’s and inspiration for our list of projects for 2017!

2016 was the year of exterior improvements, Abigail’s bedroom, and various other small projects that come with moving into a new home(garage door opener, disposal, etc).

2017 is going to be the year of the main level!

First up is our kitchen:

I love the space that we have in here and I don’t want to change up much! But, a few things on our list are:

Scrape out old paint inside cabinets

Clean out cabinets

Repaint inside of cabinets

Plank the ceiling

Install a faux wood beam over the portion of the ceiling that hangs down

And, possibly paint the door

And and, possibly repaint the cabinet hardware

AND if I can convince Jim, possibly replace the sink fixtures as well 😉

Some inspiration!




And you can always find plenty more ideas and inspiration on my pinterest Kitchen board!

Next up is the main level bathroom:

I love absolutely everything about this small little bathroom! Other than the fact that it only has a bathtub and no shower.

It works just fine for the four of us from day to day. We always bathe the girls down here and we shower upstairs and it has worked well for the last year.

But! It does not work well at all when we have guests in our home- which, is pretty frequently. It can be tricky to navigate a one shower household, plus it is upstairs right by all of our bedrooms….and that can sometimes make people feel awkward.

And we don’t want that!

So, this year, we plan to finally install a shower in this bathroom.

Which, will require bringing up the subway tile and grout up to the ceiling in the shower(the tile only goes up as high as you can see even in the shower area)

And, having to come up with some sort of window treatment (as much as I hate having to cover up that beautiful window) any suggestions for that???


Here is a link to my Bathroom pinterest board!

And then comes the dining room:

This will be the biggest and longest renovation for this year and likely won’t happen until summer or fall since it will be such an undertaking.

The things to do in here are:

Take down painted wall paper

Shiplap (!!!)

Install barn doors

Install new lighting (recessed and chandelier)

Stain top of table with a new (darker) finish

Hopefully sell our current chairs so that we can buy some new ones!

Build and install floating wood shelves to put over the base of our ginormous hutch

Some inspiration!




source (PS this is like my fave house of ALL time!)


You can check out even more ideas on my dining room pinterest board!

And that will likely take up most of our 2017 home improvement budget.

I have a few odds and ends that I might like to do, still some more wall art for random places around the house, install a ceiling fan in our guest room, little things like that. But those are our three big goals for this year!

Are you doing any home improvements this year? What are you working on?

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  1. I loved this post!! So fun! What do you mean by plank the ceiling? Are you thinking of painting the kitchen door a color or black? This black door thing is growing on me. What’s behind your fridge? Could you just frost the bathroom glass? It’s so pretty. I like your dining room chairs and feel like they still go with your magnolia style. I think you could make them work but get the upholstered ones on the ends? Can’t wait to see the changes.

  2. Ooh planking the ceiling in th kitchen will be gorgeous! And we did an arm door in our house and found an awesome deal on the hardware. Let me know if you are interested.

  3. You could always tint the bathroom window, or use the decorative frosted tint stuff. I cannot tell if you have a window in the actual shower or not?
    Looks pretty inspiring.

    My 2017 pretty much looks like this- get new roof as hail hashed the last one. The end.
    But I really should finish painting the inside- its only taken 3 years
    And I should put another coat of stain on the fence, too…

    But school comes first so things have gone by the wayside for a bit. August 9th, I hear you calling my name (that’s when I finish class).

  4. What a fun to do list!! Your dining room is going to be AMAZING! Can’t wait to watch as it all unfolds. I’m not sure about window treatments for that oval window. What about an oval plantation shutter or something that could be pulled down when the bathroom is in use like a roman shade of sorts??

  5. I love that you listed out all you want to do. It’s a fun list to see. We plan on working on our backyard this year as well as replacing some windows in the house and maybe another little project or two.

  6. I would keep that pretty window as exposed as possible – so much character! Could you frost it, or if that would work have the glass replaced with the bubbly or wavy kind?

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