20 Months Of Mabel!

I remember writing Abigail’s 20 month update and thinking HOW BIG she was at the time. And now, here I am writing Mabel’s 20 month update and thinking “she’s still totally a baby, right? RIGHT?!”

Because I simple can not comprehend the fact that she is turning two in a few short months. That’s insane.

So we won’t talk about it.

Moving on.

Let’s see what Miss Mabel has been up to this month!

Size: No idea! We haven’t had a check up for her in the last month. I assume she is growing 🙂 But she still fits perfectly in her 2t clothes! And should for quite some time. Hooray for baby clothes longevity!

Eating: Oh Miss Mabel. Still my little grazer. She will find me wherever I am and frantically sign “more, please?!” To which I will reply, do you want a snack? And then she will shout, “GO GO GO!!!” and run to the pantry to ask more specifically for either fishies(goldfish) or bar(clif kids power bar thingy). I make her say please “pease” and thank you, (she still just signs thank you most of the time) and then off she runs to the next thing with snack in hand.

Favorite Fruit: Strawberries

Favorite Vegetable: Steamed broccoli. Though- I gave her some kale chips last night for the first time and she DEVOURED them, so those were a hit!

Breastfeeding- Still nursing! I think we are finally in the downward slope to completely weaning though. I’ve had Jim put her to bed the last few nights, so she is pretty much just nursing first thing in the morning and occasionally a random and quick session throughout the day. But the last few days it has just been once a day.

I’m super sad to see this season end, but I’m also super, super proud to have gotten to make it this long! It has been the most wonderful relationship. Who knows, maybe I’ll still be typing this paragraph in her monthly update next month…but I’m guessing probably not.

Sleep- Sleep is still the same! One nap a day right after lunch that lasts around 2 hours(usually less, but that’s okay!) Goes to bed shortly after 7 and wakes up around 7am. 

Words- So many words! In my last update I had mentioned that we had started confining the pacis to bed only and we’re still doing that. And I really believe it has helped her to say so many more words! She is listing tons of animal sounds, colors, and other sounds and words. It has been so much fun to watch her learn and repeat!

We have spent a lot of time this month working on “using our words” and “asking nicely” for the things that she wants, and she has finally gotten the hang of that down so well, we’re going to have to start training her soon that just because you asked for something nicely doesn’t mean you get to have it ;P

Loves- Abigail’s CC Timeline song, snacks, her pacis, her new stuffed animal bear from Build A Bear that she got for Christmas, play doh, water color painting, nursing, my phone, Daniel Tiger, playing outside, pretend burping so that someone will say “excuse you!”

Oh Miss Mabel! We love you so much little girl! Your grunty sounds, your snuggly personality, your energy, spunk, and happiness bring so much laughter and joy into our home. Happy 20 months!

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  1. That picture of Mabel on the swing has me all ? Isn’t it funny how having an older child gives some perspective to how big (or little) your other kid is?

  2. awwww she’s so adorable 🙂 my friend’s kid is hilarious when you tell him no, he gets really cranky, takes a deep breath and asks extra nicely, and when you say no again he’s like BUT I ASKED NICELY. it’s hilarious.

  3. I’m the exact same! Marcus at XX months? SO BIG! Julia at XX months? Just a baby! Ha! (It could also be that Marcus was a TANK as a baby/toddler, and Julia is just a petite little thing…?)
    YAY for words! I’m waiting for a few more of those to pop up around here.
    And, a serious round of applause for nursing this long! Almost nightly (like, right before I put Julia in her crib) I kick myself for weaning her at 15 months.

  4. Hahaha! I don’t think Mason understands that just because he asks nicely, he doesn’t always get it. It’s THE sweetest thing ever though because he says “please mommy? please please pleeeeeeeease!!!!!” and then I almost always give in. #imasucker

  5. She is just the sweetest! Love her outfit too! Stylish chickie. I can’t believe how quickly our babies have grown up! Mim isn’t even close to a baby anymore! I need a baby in my life!!!!!

  6. She’s so sweet! I can’t believe she’s approaching her second birthday! How the heck did that happen!?!? She looks lovely in yellow and both of my kids are grazers happy to snack at any moment 🙂

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