Mabel’s Nursery Plans

When we first found out we were expecting another baby last fall, one of the things I started thinking about was- “Oops. Guess we shouldn’t have sold all of our baby stuff.” But really, at the time, we had IF/IVF treatments to pay off and a new to us car to pay off and no baby on the horizon….and no reason to keep any of it. So, I sold it and made some serious $$$. Good decision at the time, now I’m thinking, guess I have to shop again 😉
Okay okay, one of the first things I told Jim was that I am committed to not falling into the trap of feeling like I need to duplicate and replace every.single.thing that we had with Abigail. We certainly had a ton of gear for her and I really would like to keep things as simple as possible when it comes to little Mabel. That being said, I told him if there was one thing- just one thing that isn’t a necessity AT ALL but boy, would I so, so love to do, would be to plan and decorate another nursery.
And that sweet man of mine? He told me to go for it.
The room that is going to be hers was kind of a unique situation. When we first moved into our house 6.5 years ago, it was our guest bedroom with a queen bedroom suite in it. Then 2.5 years ago, we swapped my parents the queen bedroom set for a twin bedroom set that they had for us to use in Abigail’s big girl room. After that time it became the “put all our random stuff in here” room. My sewing machine and fabric stash, extra pillows and blankets, all of Abigail’s toys, and when we started Pre-K this fall, all of her school things went in there too.
So before I could really start on anything too big in here, I had to work on clearing it out. This is what we’re left with, our “clean slate” if you will:

The drapes are hanging up for now, but no worries. They’ll be ebayed shortly. The curtain rod is also a silver color so I’m(or Jim) going to spray paint it gold.

This is the one piece of furniture that is staying in her nursery. It will be a nice ledge to put the monitor on and I hope to have a fun gallery wall hanging above it!

You can see my(and Abigail’s) paint swatch considerations. I *think* I have settled on which white I want to use for the walls but I’m still considering before I buy any. Man! White is super tricky. Almost harder than gray. I’m leaning towards Behr Ultra Pure White(color matched and mixed in el cheapo paint of course)

Abigail is really leaning toward the dark blue option for Mabel’s room 😉

This is the only “non Mabel” item left in the room. We don’t have space for it anywhere else in the house so it’s going to take a brief tour of the attic. I’m waiting to put it up because Abigail does still play with it and then I think I’ll bring it back down for Christmas because Mabel will be 7ish months old then 🙂

This is her current mess of a closet. I have a few random things that didn’t get sold in my great baby item purge, or that I’ve acquired since finding out I’m pregnant. The boppy and breast pump were mine and the tub of baby clothes were the small sizes I couldn’t stand to part with. Convenient since they’re both girls, inconvenient because their birthdays are as opposite seasonally as you can get. (May/November)

If you’ve been following along on Pinterest and my inability to stop pinning things for her room, these are the things that I’ve come up with so far:

Jim is going to build a much more organized and efficient closet for me(her). He’s going to take out those awful white shelves and build some solid ones that I can put baskets in. For now at least, she isn’t going to have a dresser, so all of her things need to be able to fit in the closet. If we plan it correctly, it should be pretty easy to do.

Target Threshold Rug

I bought this rug a while back when we though we were going to be moving. We ended up not moving after all and this rug has just sat up in the attic ever since. It’s the biggest size (7×10) so it will cover up most of the skanky carpet in her room. Perfecto.

This is Abigail’s nursery! I did everything “gender neutral” because I thought I was going to be using this nursery for back to back babies. Things didn’t work out that way, but it’s okay because her big girl room is pretty awesome(I guess I should do a post about that someday?) Anyway, this is the crib we have. It’s currently living at my in-laws because my sweetest mother in law in the world didn’t want me to have to sell my crib when I was selling everything else. Obviously, I was having a hard time parting with some things and she totally recognized that without me ever having to say a thing. So, ME gets to use the same crib Miss A did with one big change. We’re going to paint it! With the white walls of the nursery I wanted to do something really fun. So, the color of the dresser above is going to be the new crib color. Eep!

Tufted Nailhead Wingback Rocker

This is the rocking chair I have picked out! My champagne taste is totally jonesing for a PBK rocker, but since I don’t want to take out a loan to buy a chair, this Target rocker for half the price will suit my tastes well enough 🙂 Now I only need to start accumulating gift cards for this bad boy. I think it will be perfect in her room.

And that pretty much covers the big plans for her nursery. Everything else will be small details that I hope to DIY or thrift to help pull it all together. To get an idea for those things(garlands, bunting, quilts, printables, ottomans, blankets, and more) be sure to follow my Pinterest page!

What do you think of my ideas for Mabel’s nursery? What would you add? Also, if you have a white paint recommendation, I’m all ears!


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  1. I love your nursery plans. Your room sounds a lot like ours did when we started-a collection of random stuff! I love the color for the crib! I can' wait to see!

  2. you know what i think? you waited so long for Miss Mabel that you should buy whatever you want and decorate the nursery like it is your job! lol. i'm a little obsessed with nurseries. those drapes you are ebaying actually look really nice and neutral… hint hint 😉 we have a junk room as well, we'll need to use it for a nursery if we get pregnant but goodness me don't know where i would put everything! also, i really want that rug from target for my living room, but some of the reviews said it was kinda cheap looking, what do you think? and finally… that rocker. gorgeous. what a smart idea to accumulate gift cards because it is still quite expensive.. you'll have to let us know if it is as comfortable and amazing as it looks, and i'll add it to my secret pinterest board, haha!

  3. I loved reading this post!!! First off, I love all of your big plans and love that we aren't the only ones on a nice little budget for the new baby. I'll have to get around to a post about our baby girl's nursery plans too! Also, I LOVE that our girls will literally all be the exact same ages apart! Maddie is October 2010 and Macie will be April 2015. Your girls are just a month behind mine! So neat! 🙂 Can't wait to see this perfect nursery when it's done! Miss Mabel is a lucky girl!

  4. Beautiful! You've made some super fun choices! I know nothing about white paint…so no suggestions there! I hope to post about my plans for our little man's room soon!

  5. Love it!! Not sure how come I hadn't been following you on Pinterest, but that problem is solved now!! Love the paint color for the crib and your ideas for the room. That rocker is great without having to take out a second mortgage on your home and we have the mustard version of that rug in our family room. I love that Abigail is helping you with her room even if her vision for the room is slightly different than yours 🙂 Thanks for the update.

  6. How fun!! It's fun putting a nursery together, I'm so glad you get to do it! It will look amazing and I can't wait to see the finished room! That rocking chair looks amazing, I have nice marshmallow type rocker and I love it. It's the best thing we registered for, and I'm so glad we got it. I'm pretty sure I will be keeping that chair for years and years [even when there are no more babies to rock in it] because it's just that comfy.

  7. Love the plans so much!!! I am in love with the fact your sweet MIL savored Abigial's crib and now you get to use it with Mabel too!!! Love that!

  8. Super cute!! Nursery planning is sooo much fun! Love the bright color for the crib. That will be adorable! My girls were born completely opposite seasons, too (sept. and March) and everyone was like "oh good, you're having another girl, you can re use all your clothes" and I was like "not really…" lol! Now that they're older it's fine but for the first year or so I had to pretty much buy all new clothes. Definitely not complaining about cute baby clothes shopping though 😉

  9. Seriously swooning over that rocker right now and CAN'T WAIT to see what the crib looks like once it's painted! We are bumping E up to a twin size shortly after S is born and I have considered doing something fun with their furniture since both his bed frame and her crib are hand me downs. I have also been looking for a cute, gender neutral rug to go in between their beds, so I'm definitely checking out the one you listed–it would be perfect!! So excited for you and can't wait to see the beautiful room you pull together for sweet Mabel!

  10. That closet organization is to DIE for!!! I also love the rocker, but back when I had Isabella, it was all about those ugly gliders, so I'm stuck with the glider. lol

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