Spena Sister Comparisons

I did a post just like this back in July that was so much fun I’ve been meaning to do it again! Mabel is in the last size of hand me down clothes from Abigail, so the matching outfit photos will be no more. Which, to be honest, didn’t happen as much as I expected anyway since apparently I only took horrible pictures of Abigail and they were born in completely opposite seasons, so they haven’t worn as much of the same stuff as I was expecting.
Okay anyway, I just grabbed pictures of Abigail around 7/8 months to be able to really do some side by side comparison! As Mabel is getting bigger they are definitely looking less and less alike. Crazy how genetics work. It never ceases to completely fascinate me. 

And lastly, one of my personal favorites. Of all time.

Abigail using the park swing for the first time(obviously she is significantly older here- but it’s too good not to include!) Crying and signing “ALL DONE” and Mabel, using the exact same park swing for the first time. Happy as a clam.

What do you think? Who looks like who?!

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  1. Do you know what's funny? Abigail looks just like she does now! Which, okay obviously. But Jordan and I are always like, I wonder what R will look like when she gets older, and it's just funny that she will end up looking like she does now just… older! So weird and awesome.

  2. The 3rd picture in the high chairs is the one where I think they look the most alike. I love the side by sides in similar situations years apart. Abigail definitely has kept her same look through the years. Mabel looks like your hubby and I think I need to see your baby pictures to make a call on who really looks like who 🙂

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