6 Months Of Finn!

I very, very, very much can not believe that this little guy is 6 months old! Truthfully, it feels like he has been with us for much longer than that- but 6 months sounds so old! To me, it’s the official exit of all things newborn and entry into bouncing, babbling baby land. Which, to be honest, *might* be my favorite baby stage- because smiling, laughing, interactive but yet still totally immobile baby has my heart.

I am still pretty sad that his tiny baby days are over though, they went so, so much faster than I remember them going with my girls.

Anyway, let’s talk about the sweetness that is a 6 month old Finner!

Finn’s 6 Month Stats!

Size: At Finn’s 6 month check up last week, he clocked in at 18 pounds 5 oz (65%) and 28 inches (91%) and his head was 43 cm (40%).

And just for fun, I pulled out Abigail’s baby book to compare. At 6 months old, she was 18 pounds 6 ounces and 26.75 inches. And in Mabel’s 6 month post, she was 17 pounds and 26 inches long.

He is currently in size 5 diapers, wearing 9-12 month clothes, and size 3 shoes!

Breastfeeding: As you can see, little dude loves to eat! He nurses every 3 hours during the day, gives me one 6ish hour stretch after he goes to bed, and then it’s pretty much back to every 3 hours. He always nurses on both sides and eats for about 5 minutes on each. No bottles, no supplementing, just Mama. Which I’m super proud of! And also love 🙂

Eating: We are just getting started on introducing foods! I’ve let him chew on my apple slices a few times, offered him puffs, and he has tried baby yogurt. The girls are SO excited to give him food, so I think they might have to take turns choosing what we mash up and give him next! We might do some purees, some table food, some snacks. We’re pretty laid back over here, so he’ll just start getting to have whatever we’re having.

Sleep: Not “sleeping through the night” but still my best sleeper of the three! He naps well in his crib 3x a day, and goes to bed for the night around 6:30. He sleeps(with a few paci replacements in there) until 12 or so, typically, and then he is up every 3 hours after that until we start our day around 7 a.m. I’d love to get him down to just one middle of the night wake up- possibly during this month, but we’ll see what happens!

Loves: Basically everything! The pediatrician mentioned how social and interactive he is and it’s true! He loves to smile and engage. To talk to you and laugh. He loves to look at books, play under his play gym, his sisters, his paci(which he has learned to put in himself now! woohoo!), his crib, bath time, and being held.

Hates: He was hating his infant car seat(probably because he’s such a tank!) so we switched him to his convertible seat. He still fusses a little when I buckle him in initially, but overall he is much happier in his car seat now. Occasionally he hates when I put him down(but this is a new development!) but otherwise, we have ourselves a super happy guy.

Places He Has Been: This month we made a trip to Kansas City for Jim’s Grandpa’s funeral and stayed at Grandma Jenny’s house. We also had to drive Jim to the airport in Springfield after some airport drama. Otherwise, it’s been business as usual. Church, Classical Conversations, Dance Class, and the library.

Personality: So, so, so happy! Just happy and smiling and laid back. The pediatrician and I discussed his lack of rolling at the moment because he’s just happy whether he’s on his stomach or his back and she mentioned how that is just a “passive personality”. Which, I’d say all three of my kids have possessed, though, Finn probably wins the award for the MOST passive :p

Looks Like: SO much like Abigail, a lot like Jim, and occasionally I’ll see a Mabel resemblance show up in a certain face or expression he makes.

Comparison Pictures!

Happy 1/2 Birthday, Finny Boy! We love you so much!

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  1. He’s so cute!!! We just had our third and I think the more we have, the faster the newborn stage seems to be going 🙁

  2. That outfit is so cute. I am so glad you found baby boy clothes that are cute. Ive always struggled with the concept of cute girl clothes and not boys.
    Happy 6 months lil man.

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