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Last fall I shared a home tour with y’all and it is absolutely bonkers to me how different our house looks now! We have had so much fun doing little projects here and there making our house more and more our style and learning how to do all sorts of fun DIY projects like lighting, plumbing, painting, and more!
Earlier this year I shared our kitchen and living room remodel  and this summer I shared with you Mabel’s nursery. Well, believe it or not, things have changed around the house even more since then! So here is a brief tour of before and after’s, along with future plans for each room.

This is how our living room looked earlier this year. But, as I am wont to do, I was sitting on the couch and decided that the far wall looked too “busy” to me. And also, I wonder what would happen if I rearranged the furniture?

Behold, today:

I moved the big couch centered under the gallery wall, turned the love seat and coffee table at an angle, and moved a fun chair into the space where the shelving was. I’m LOVING the change in here!
But, if you give a mouse a cookie….
I needed a place to move the black shelving too. A place it would match? Our master bedroom. Did we have room for it? Nope. Not until I got to rearranging, which set off an entire redecorating scheme.
Here is what our room looked like a few weeks ago;
And here it is now!
I took down the curtains off the bed, gave the green curtains to my Mom, ordered the striped curtains off eBay, ordered a new duvet cover, hung a fun sun burst mirror above the bed, moved the piano, took down the shelves, peeled off the wall letters, and moved my big dresser into my closet.

One of our nightstands and lamps is now living in our living room beside the big couch, and I am currently on the hunt for an antique style dresser to refinish and put on my side of the bed(the side with the nightstand). Whenever that happens, I’ll get another matching lamp to put on the other side.

We put the Ikea Hemnes mirror in the corner and the black furniture piece across from our bed. In this room, along with another nightstand/dresser, I would love to get a bench to put at the foot of the bed, and I’m totally jonesing and wishing for a cowhide rug to put on the floor. It seems like a risk and totally crazy but I can’t get the idea out of my head!
Moving on!
Here is how Mabel’s nursery looked at the beginning of summer…
And here it is now after I got a wild hair one afternoon and rearranged both girls bedrooms. Now, all of the toys live in Abigail’s room and all of the clothes live in Mabel’s. It has been working awesome and I love having their rooms set up this way now!
We painted and installed some Ikea spice racks to match her room and I absolutely love them! We filled them with some of my favorite baby books and I can’t wait to keep reading from them with Miss Mabel.
Changing out the furniture on this wall called for rearranging the mini gallery wall we’ve got going on in here. The “Don’t Be Jelly” print I got recently makes me ridiculous happy.
Once I moved this dresser in here Jim said, “So. I guess you’re going to want me to paint this now too, huh?”
I’m thinking white and changing out the hardware for gold knobs. Then maybe her nursery will be officially “done”.
And lastly, the hall bathroom. This is the bathroom guests and Abigail use. It’s been a constantly evolving room ever since we moved into our house 7 years ago. But, this is how it looked a few weeks ago.
And here it is currently:

I found some extra long curtains at TJ Maxx and hung them up high and replaced the DIY fabric roman shade with a bamboo blind. Plans for this room include pulling out the builder grade vanity and putting in the Ikea Hemnes we got at our last Ikea stop, replacing the light, hanging up a different mirror, and trying our hand at tiling the floor. I’ve got my eyes on some gray wood grain tile!

And thus concludes today’s updated home tour.

What do you think?

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  1. Love it all! So jealous of your white furniture!! I'd love it but my husband would kill me! He works in the dirt all day and we have a dog so it would never work for us! Your bedroom is beautiful as well!

  2. LOVE they curtains in your bedroom!! Also, obsessed with the color of Mabel's crib! SO CUTE! I really need to get those racks from ikea and make little selves in Mia's room for books!

  3. Everything looks great! I am forever changing things around in our house, and we've been here 2 years. Jarrod will come home from work one day and I'll have the couch moved somewhere else or something. 😉 The curtains in your bedroom look like the boys' shower curtain in their bathroom. Love the stripes!

  4. WOW!! Those striped curtains make such a big difference in your bedroom. I also LOVE your extra long curtains in the bathroom. Such a great idea to scrap the traditional shower curtain. Makes that space look so much bigger. Mabel's room is as cute as ever and I definitely have yellow chair envy. Great updates and your house is looking so good!!

  5. The drapes in the master are a good fit! Miss Mabels room is sweet. Can I ask did you paint the crib? Just curious because I'm having a little in January and wondering if I could paint ours.

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