9 Months Of Finn!

People ask us all the time- “is he always this happy?” to which we always reply, “yep”

Mr. Finn (as his big sisters call him) is our super happy, chill, go with the flow little guy. He goes everywhere with us and is the most fun little baby companion ever. 9 months is always such a fun age, filled with all sorts of new baby milestones. It’s so crazy that it’s already here!

Finn’s 9 Month Stats!

Size: At his checkup earlier this week Finner clocked in at 20 lb 10 oz (65%) and 29 inches long (76%). He is currently wearing size 3 shoes, 12-18 month clothes, and has the most delicious chubby thighs that everyone always comments on!

Breastfeeding: Thankfully, still going strong! He nurses every three hours during the day and typically a few times through the night!

Eating: So many new foods this month! Taco and spaghetti nights were HUGE hits along with scrambled eggs! He also can’t stop won’t stop with excessive puff consumption but also loves his purees and yogurt too. We have yet to discover a food that Finn is NOT a fan of yet. He doesn’t discriminate with his food. He’ll eat it all!

Sleep: Finally making some progress! His naps are great, he takes three a day so no complaints there! Finn goes to bed around 6:30 and then usually wakes up around 11, 3, and then 6/7 to start the day. But! We have had a few times where he went down at 6:30 and then didn’t see him again until 7 or so(minus a few pacifier replacements) so let’s hope that is something that keeps happening with more regularity. You can do it, buddy!

Loves: Life, lol! He is our happy and laid back little guy. He loves to be held and to play, he loves to snuggle but is also happy to be set down and play by himself for a while (third kid, this happens a lot). He loves to eat and to nurse. He loves to play in the nursery at church and he loves to splash and play in the bathtub!

Hates: Being buckled into his car seat, being hungry, switching sides to nurse (STILL. like come on, man!), occasionally tries to pitch a fit when I change his clothes or diaper.

A funny Finn story: we have this floor lamp beside the rocker in his nursery. It has been there since Mabel was a baby. It has never once been a problem until now. He spies the cord hanging down from it and makes it his sole mission in life to grab that cord and gets SO MAD when I don’t let him grab it. He wants the cord badly enough that he will forget that he is supposed to be eating and stretch and reach for it instead. So….I guess the lamp will get to live somewhere else for a while. Didn’t see that one coming!

Milestones: Rolling all around (finally), scooting, clapping, babbling (mostly Dada), self feeding, sleeping through the night!

Looks Like: I still think he looks SO much like baby Abigail, but with way more and way darker hair. Though, he makes lots of Mabel expressions and still has ZERO teeth just like she did!

Comparison Pictures:

Happy 9 months, Finn! We love you so much!

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  1. I agree he looks so much like Abigail! He’s so adorable and I hope sleeping through the night becomes a regular for you too!

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