Spena School x3!

The Spena family is finally back to school!

Let’s recap:

Back in 2019 we decided not to continue doing Classical Conversations because the ages of our kids didn’t work out with the programs they had.

That ended up being for the best because- surprise!- we ended up moving to Kansas City in the middle of the school year.

We moved in February 2020 and ope- everything closed down for the rest of the school year (before we ever had a chance to join in).

Then everything remained closed PLUS we decided to move during the middle of the school year again.

So now, finally FINALLY after all of this time- we have finally plugged back in to a co-op and (minus the having a newborn baby part, lol) have gotten back to a daily school routine that is working for all of us!

We have always been an eclectic homeschool family so we are doing a blend of all sorts of curriculums. Classical work from our co-op, Horizons language arts and The Good & The Beautiful math for Mabel, Teaching Textbooks math & The Good & The Beautiful handwriting and creative writing for Abigail….plus a little Story of the World history for everyone.

Meanwhile, this little guy is just along for the (tiring) ride!

The girls are also doing gymnastics, bible club, piano lessons with Jim’s aunt, and art classes (Finn too!) this semester as well.

This year, Abigail is officially in 6th grade, Mabel is 1st, Finn is preschool, and Lochlan is the cutest.

Welcome to Spena School. Where the clothes are pajamas, the lunch is a snack tray, the play is outside, and the school is at home.

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