Weekend At Grandma And Grandpa’s

Two weekends ago we took a quick trip up to Kansas City to celebrate the kick off of our mutual family onslaught of birthdays 😉 Between Jim and my families, almost all of our parents and siblings birthdays fall between Mid-August thru New Years. There are a few outliers(way to go, Mabel!) but for the most part, we’re all last half of the year birthdayer’s. SO ANYWAY, we traveled up to eat some good food and watch people blow out candles and spend time at Grandma Jenny’s house(It’s totally Grandpa Monty’s house too, but for some reason it is never called that)

We got to do all of the usual fun things! We played outside on the trampoline, the swing set, had lunch at Peculiar Drive In, played cards and games, and all of that good stuff.

One evening the neighbor girls let Abigail come over and ride a big horse this time! She ultimately ended up liking riding the fat pony from last time better, but she was brave and tried the regular horse too.

We left Mabel inside the house with Grandpa Monty and it was fun to get to watch our girl ride and just do some big girl stuff for a little bit!

Then of course, on Sunday we got all fancied up and got to enjoy church together with Jim’s family!

My whole little world in one picture. My beautiful and wonderful family. Sometimes I lose my breath looking at a picture and realizing that these people are all MINE. Unbelievable!

Then the fun weekend continued as we got cool Uncle Logan to come back to our place with us and spend a few days doing fun things like play Pretty, Pretty, Princess before heading back to his final year of law school at UVA.

We also did fun things with him like going out to dinner at fun downtown places and late night movies and talks.

And as you can see, Abigail was pretty smitten with Uncle Logan.

Two brothers and two sisters, walking down Main St.


(Sorry if this post was crazy jumbled. I just had a bunch of pictures and thoughts from this weekend that I needed to put together in one place.,what’s a blog for if not that?)

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