19 months!

Abigail is 19 months old today! Time to do a journal style entry so I can remember all the sweet things she did at this age someday:)

She’s grown since her doctors appointment last month. I’m sure of it. If not in the weight department she has definitely gotten taller and her feet have grown a lot too. She’s almost out of her size 5 shoes and I’m about to stock up on 6’s to(hopefully) get us through the summer. Otherwise, she’s pretty solidly in size 18-24 month clothes.

A few new words have joined us in the last month! Hands, shoes, oink, moon, and cluck.

Still one afternoon nap, ranging from 1 1/2 to 3 hours. Bedtime at 8, wakeup at 7.

She’s doing awesome at identifying shapes. She can point out triangle, circle, square, moon, heart, and star.

She’s getting better with her colors as well. It seems her current favorite color right now is yellow, at least, that’s always the playdoh color she picks when it’s her choice:)

Right now she is loving her Veggie Tales sing a long. She has started totally lounging on the couch and really enjoying it. It’s a shorter video and we have fun watching it together.

Favorite fruit: Bananas! She eats a whole banana a day

Favorite veggie: Raw carrots

We still take almost daily wagon rides, play at the park, blow bubbles, play with sidewalk chalk, or play with her cozy coupe.

We have made cookies together twice now! Abigail LOVED it. She stood on a chair next to me and I would let her dump the ingredients into the mixer. Mostly she liked spreading flour around on the counter tops, but that was fine with me. She also loved looking through the window in our oven and watching the cookies bake. But, she especially loved getting to share a cookie with Mama once we were finished. So fun!

One of my favorite moments this month was shortly after our trip to IN and A loving all the play jewelry at Mimi’s house, we took a trip to the Dollar Jewelry store here in Joplin. Years ago my good friend, Angie, and I went to this store and I thought about one day how fun it would be to bring my daughter there. As a treat for good behavior or a fun mother/daughter outing. I could envision myself saying, “Okay, you can pick out ONE thing!” even though it was only a dollar:) I never dreamed that I would get to take Abigail there so soon, but with her recent obsession with all things girly we just had to make the trip. We spent a whopping $6 and got her a few necklaces and bracelets to keep her occupied for a while. It was so much fun. She was putting the necklaces on before I had even paid and I was completely soaking up the time we were spending together.

Yes, that is some chocolate chip cookie residue around her mouth.
She looks like a total diva, but she doesn’t act like one at all. She is such a sweetheart.

Mama and Daddy love you so much, little girl!!

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