Egg(the non-Easter variety) Update

I had my very first monitoring appointment on Monday! It was scheduled for 1pm and I got there a few minutes early. They took me straight back and were pretty much ready to go. That was SO nice. I hate when you have to wait forever in the doctors office(unless they have a sweet selection of magazines!).
Basically, I took one Letrozole pill a day on cycle day’s 3-7. Then let them do their magic. Thankfully, all symptoms have been extremely mild so far. A little cramping, a little spotting, a little mood swinging, but nothing to cause any sort of concern or be too irritating.
Nurse Marge did my internal ultrasound and scoped out how things were looking. Apparently, my left ovary figured this month he’d just let my right ovary do all of the heavy lifting.
~Left: Hey, there right ovary. She only needs one egg anyway. Ima take this month off.
Right: It’s cool, I’ve got it covered.~
My left side had a tiny irrelevant follicle in it. I can’t remember whether it was at a 11 or a 14, but either way my right side was like psssh that ain’t nothin but a thang.
My right side had 3 follicles in it. 1 was irrelevant but the other 2 were at a 19 and a 22. I’m still not fully into the infertility lingo, but Nurse Marge tells me this is very good. It means I have a good number of follicles at a great size and that I should be ovulating very soon. She also said my uterine lining is still very thick, which is great.
So basically, she said I am responding beautifully to the medication and that everything looked great.
We had a little chatsy after my ultrasound and she said, “If your cycle goes past 30 days, take a test, and when it’s positive send me a portal message letting me know!” To which I replied, “When my period starts, I’ll be sure to send you a portal message right away” She laughed and said, “Okay, I’ll be positive and you be negative. It’s all good”
And that’s my update! I’m continuing to hope for no major side effects and hoping(but not really, cuz that’d just be too good to be true) for some good news in a few weeks. We’ll see.

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