Monitoring Appointment/IUI update

Yesterday was a completely overwhelming, whirlwind sort of day.
I left our house around 10 to make it to my appointment at RRC at 1. They took me back fairly quickly for my internal ultrasound to check my response to the Letrozole.
Just like last month, my left ovary contributed absolutely nothing to the group and my right ovary did all of the work. This time I had one 22ish follicle that both nurses just raved over. Saying things like, “its perfect! That’s beautiful! So wonderful!” It felt strange. The other two in my right ovary were only around 12ish.
SO. The official plan:
Trigger shot of HCG last night
Yes. A SHOT. Yes. I was mildly freaking out. YES thank GOD my mom the RN was here to adminster my first one for me. Yeah, yeah, it’s a small needle and all that, but it’s still a shot and not something I’m exactly familiar with plunging into myself. We got it done last night and now we just wait for it to do it’s job.
Head to Kansas City this evening to spend the night at my inlaws.(yeah, so, if you’re keeping track. I drove to kc yesterday morning and back the same day. today I get to drive back to kc. and then back home again on wednesday)
Arrive at RRC at 730am on Wednesday morning
Collect sample
“Wash” sample
Have the actual IUI around 830am
Wait 10 minutes
Free to go!
After that I have specific times that I’ll be taking progesterone, getting blood work done, and the soonest I’m allowed to take a test.
I have a lot of emotions about this whole process. I’m very excited and I certainly am hopeful that it works. But, there is more that goes into it than I was expecting(such as the twice a day progesterone) and I don’t feel particularly optimistic about one good follicle. On top of it all, it’s so scheduled and so planned, right down to the minutes. Literally, I had to adminster my shot at 8pm exactly last night. And, it just feels completely unusual and overwhelming and with my meds(more than likely, ask my hubs) making me crazy cakes, it’s just a lot to take in.
Tomorrow is finally the big day though! The one we’ve been waiting for!

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  1. Yeah! I hope you don't have to do progestrone in oil but hopefully just the pill or patch. (I got all 3) If you hated that shot…..well, I will spare you the rest.
    It is a whole to to take in but just go one step at a time.

    1. My progesterone is in pill form. I've never used anything like that before, so I'm not quite sure what to expect. Not exactly looking forward to it.
      Yeah. I don't want to know anymore about any other shots. I'll cross that bridge when and if I get to it.

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