IUI #2. Done and done.

Usually, I get to post about my monitoring appointment and then my IUI later. But, due to the weekend, I had to wait until Monday for my appointment, which made me a day later than I should have gone, which meant that I was VERY ready to go.
My appointment Monday was completely run of the mill. This time though, my right ovary produced nothing and my left produced one follicle, a 25mm. Which the PA raved over again. Things like, “What a BIG beautiful follicle! That is gorgeous! It looks wonderful!” never get any less weird to hear, I think.
I(luckily) got to trigger at the office around 1130 and we scheduled our IUI for first thing this morning.
Before we headed into the office, I checked my twitter and saw this:
I mean. Hello. How perfect is that?
Jim’s sample was great and the procedure was fast. I start my progesterone on Friday.
Now we impatiently twiddle our thumbs and wait two weeks to be able to test.
Here’s to cycle #19 and 2 beautiful pink lines staring me in the face two weeks from today.

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