My appointment was yesterday at 11. Bloodwork and ultrasound.
Last cycle, I felt like I was gearing up to ovulate on my own but disregarded it because I didn’t think it was possible due to all the drugs I was on. Yet, when I showed up last time I had FOUR mature follicles all ready to go. And I was promptly canceled.
This cycle, I felt the same again. I felt like I was gearing up to ovulate on my own. Needless to say, these last two weeks have been up and down. Me convinced I’d be canceled again. Me convinced I wouldn’t be. Hope. Despair. Up. Down.
So yesterday, I had no idea what to expect. Nurse Becca happily did my ultrasound but didn’t show me the screen. All of a sudden it was done and she said, “It all looks good!” I was like…..like, good good? Like…..everything is normal? She said, “Yep! Ovaries are quiet. Everything is suppressed. You can go across the hall and talk to Nurse Marci about your meds now”
I was like
While I waited for Nurse Marci, I texted all my family and friends who had been waiting patiently to hear and we all were like “YAY!!”
So, now where we stand:
Stop birth control 5/28-DONE
Jim and I take Zpak 5/29-Started
Start Dexamethasone pill 5/31
Start 2x a day Lupron injects on 5/31
Begin Gonal F and Menopur injects 1x a day on 6/2
I go for bloodwork on 6/4
First ultrasound and bloodwork check on 6/7 @ 11
We could still be canceled at any time. There are all sorts of things that can still change at a moments notice and result in cancelation. But, for today, IVF 1.5 is a GO! We’ve climbed past one hurdle and we’re rapidly approaching the next. The deposit is paid, the appointments are scheduled. This is really happening!

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