Treat Yo’ Self: A Christmas Wish List For Her

I figured since Jim has already purchased my Christmas presents that it would be the perfect time to share my Christmas wish list for myself- oops.

When I told him that I was working on this he said, “well. that wouldn’t have been helpful at all.” then he said, he couldn’t wait to read it to see how close or how way far off he was in what he chose for me.

I guess I’ll have to keep you all posted on that bit of riveting, edge of your seat cliffhanger.

So anyway, some of these are things I already have but replacements are always welcome. Others are things that I will likely never buy for myself, so. You know. Added to the wish list.

What is on your Christmas wish list this year?

Denim– Who isn’t always on the lookout for great new denim? Particularly when you are post partum(btw, how long do you get to claim that label? Like, at least a year, right?) and only have one or two pairs that fit you and you just wear them over and over and over again. Yeah. Probably need another pair.

Vacuum– I’ll completely own it that our floors barely ever get cleaned. Literal dust balls go rolling across our floors- unless someone is coming over. Then we vacuum that mess up. An automatic vacuum cleaner would take care of it so we could enjoy clean wood floors even when we don’t have visitors coming over! Amazing!

Tennis Shoes- how cute are these?! I’m obsessed with them. And definitely would like to upgrade the ten year old sketchers I’ve been wearing for…ten years.

Cardigan– everyone raves about this cardigan and how amazing it is. I would love to see for myself! But….never going to buy it for myself. So- added to the Christmas wish list.

Makeup(eye shadow palette / eye liner) – This year I finally started buying myself nicer makeup! I’ll keep replacing it, but would appreciate it showing up under the Christmas tree too!

Coat– So I’ve had a gorgeous white coat for about 8 years now….that is no longer white, is missing a few buttons, and yeah- so it doesn’t fit currently. A new(fitting) coat would be pretty fantastic and I’m loving this one!

Remote For Phone/Camera- to really up my selfie game in 2018

Leggings– I’ve heard amazing things about these leggings. I actually had them in my cart to order on Black Friday and then FORGOT TO BUY THEM. Wah! So, who wants to buy them for me for Christmas?

Perfume– I’m currently completely out of perfume and am in the market for a new scent! Any favorites or recommendations?

Personalized Jewelry– So I had a baby this year! I need new personalized jewelry with little Finn on there!

Apple Watch– a total splurge of course, but what an awesome gift, am I right?

Boots– I LOVE these boots, but unfortunately they don’t fit me quite right(I’ve tried to convince myself otherwise because I love them so much, but alas, nope). But I only have a brown pair of nice boots to wear and I’d really love to add gray- and maybe black to my closet!

What to shop some more? You can right below!

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  1. I love Versace Yellow Diamonds-I am VERY particular about my scents. I can’t handle anything too heavy, sweet, floral.

  2. For perfume….my new favorite is Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf. Its at Sephora/Macy’s/Nordstrom. Its such a pretty scent!!

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