Five On Friday!

It’s Friday!!

Which means that today, I’m recapping 5 completely random and unrelated items for you.


Hanson Concert

On Tuesday, myself and two other friends drove up to Lawrence, KS. We met up with my bestest best friend for dinner and then headed over to the Hanson Concert!!

 This is all of us after the show…not looking quite as cute as when we first arrived.
We were jumping and dancing fools!
Y’all. This is not a joke. They brew their own beer.
It says: “From the guys that brought you Mmmbop…..Mmmhops”
Yes. Their beer is called Mmmhops.
Naturally, I had to try it. Pale ale, 7.5% Great to try, but I’m not much of a pale ale fan.
Hey guys? Do you think next concert you could come out with an amber ale for me to have instead?
I know most of you probably won’t believe me when I say this, but this was truthfully one of the best concerts I have ever been to. They played song after song after song after song. There was only maybe 2? that I didn’t recognize. They are amazingly talented musicians. They all rotated instruments and took turns singing. They weren’t flashy or showy.
Just totally down to earth and downright amazing.
 I’ve only waited 17 years to go to a Hanson concert. It was worth the wait.
Oh. And do yourself a humongous favor this afternoon. Head on over to iTunes and buy Anthem. You won’t regret. PROMISE.


Silver Dollar City over the weekend  

We went back to one of very favorite places to take Miss A over the weekend with Jim’s parents. Silver Dollar City! Or, as we like to call it, Steal Yo Dolla City. Cuz, it’s a theme park. That’s how they do.

Check out this sexy hunk of a man riding the pink and purple butterfly with his girl.

I mean. That’s heart melting right there, folks.

And really, Abigail doesn’t look *that* excited about it does she?

She’s at least more excited than the lady behind Jim.

Leaving the park with Grandpa Monty and Grandma Jenny. We had an amazing time and the weather was perfection!

This little gal rode so many rides while we were there! Color me impressed.

She rode her very first roller coaster with Daddy. I was so worried about it because it went around the track four times, so there was no quick escape if after the first hill she decided she hated it.

This child. She rode with her arms IN the air for the entire ride. Giggling with glee. It was amazing.

We also rode the teacups together. Twice. She said it was her favorite of the whole day. By the looks of it, we all seemed to enjoy it.



I chuckled as I drove past a church sign that read:

The chiefs are 6-0.

The end is near.

Get to church.

We put this girl in her Sunday red and teach her to cheer her little heart out.
She still yells “GOOO Alex!” which, she learned from the Royals. She also remembers the Let’s Go Royals chant and clap. Fortunately, it is all still applicable! She also cheers for Jamaal and Tamba, too.
And, of course, Go Chiefs!


Abigail’s Piggy Bank 

She loves to open the bottom, pour out all of the money, and then slowly put it all back in.

She says to me, “Mama. I need some more money!”

Don’t we all, love.
Have a great weekend, everybody!


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  1. I'm not a pale ale person either, but I so want to try their beer. Only because it's named MmmmHops. The grouchy lady photo bombing the picture is hilarious. I love when you get a random person with a crazy expression in the background of a pic. Your daughter and husband are too cute on the ride!

    Oh, and thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. Hey There! Another Midwest girl, love it! We are in Omaha so not too far away. It's funny we were down in KC for a royals game and our guy chants go Alex too, plus has the cutest Gordon shirt to go along with it. And the money in the piggy bank = Cruz does the same thing. Except he refers to them as his "monies" for some reason. Have a great weekend!

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