Easter 2018: Take Two

Last weekend, we drove up to Kansas City to celebrate Grandma Jenny’s birthday- and while we were there, we enjoyed a belated Easter celebration too!

AND Grammy and Pappy were in town for the weekend, so we got a short visit in with them as well. The best!

The weather still wasn’t cooperating, but at least the sun came out a little for a quick Easter egg hunt at Grandma’s house. They hid 60 eggs I think? And the girls found almost all of them! They loved it.

When the hunt was over, Grandpa set up an Easter egg exchange. The girls could trade out one egg for either candy, a small toy, or money. It was fun watching them to see what they chose!

Mabel alternated between getting either a Reese cup and a quarter :p

Then, on Sunday morning we got up and ready for church and went over to my brother’s house to have a donut breakfast before service.

We got to have church with my brother and my parents, which was great! And the girls got to go to children’s church, which they thought was pretty awesome 🙂

After church we got to visit all afternoon!

And then- it started snowing. HARD!

We were all shocked and amazed by an April snow (and by shocked and amazed, I mostly mean distressed and aghast, but you know)

It made for too good of a photo opportunity to resist!

And we were both too lazy to track down our shoes, so we just hopped outside in our bare feet. And my Mom took our picture through the living room window, lol!

It was another quick visit, but it was so good to see both of our families(as always!) and we are already making plans for our next visits (hoping for a Kansas City Royals game later this month….and Disney World in May!)

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  1. Finn has turned into a lil man like overnight… how is that possible?
    You and Jim — way too cute! Love that you are barefooted. Ive been wearing my Chacos for months, with freezing toes, because I am sick of the snow. We got another 5-7 inches 2 nights ago. Bleh.

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