Happy Halloween!

Another fantastic Halloween is on the books! We had the best time celebrating together!

You might remember seeing the girls in these outfits before- because you have! They wore them in their spring dance recital and since they were $$ and still fit they got to wear them again, those lucky girls 😉 I had to think about what Finn could wear that would sort of coordinate with them. I first considered some sort of woodland creature, but once I saw the gnome costume I was SOLD!

Gnome Costume

Turns out, he has never hated anything more in his entire life than he hated this hat. I thought the costume was genius because it would keep him warm and snug (and since the weather was raining and cold, I was particularly pleased about this!) but when it came time to put it on…..he had none of it, lol!

Like I said.

I laughed all over looking at these pictures again. I’ve never seen him so upset and dramatic about anything in his life. And it was over a hat.

After we tortured him with a hat, we headed to Jim’s office for some afternoon trick or treating. Our favorite!

It is indoors, not scary, and LOOK AT THEIR BUCKETS. Clearly, the candy is bountiful.

We spent the evening at a Halloween party with friends, the girls got to go down our street (under an umbrella) for some outdoors trick or treating, and my parents passed out four GIANT bags of candy to our mass of trick or treaters that come to our house every year.

So, like I said, it was the best! I hope you all had an amazing Halloween too!

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  1. So sweet!! The girls are looking so grown up and I think Finn would like a costume that doesn’t require a hat next year haha. Glad your parents were in town for Halloween.

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