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Oh you know, just another one of those posts where I have a bunch of recent pictures, a lot to say about them, but no particular theme to string them all together. It’s random. I love it. Hold onto your hats.

Last week we had a few random and glorious patches of weather. We busted out of the house like our lives depended on it(it’s possible that they did) and we raced to all of our local parks and played until the sun was gone.

Abigail has solely been in her winter coat for the last few months, so it was fun to get to bust out her light weight jacket.

We had a morning without much to do so Abigail and I made a girls day out of it. I used my free Starbucks reward drink, we hit up Hobby Lobby with a gift card to peruse things for Mabesy’s room, hit up Goodwill, and then Chick Fil A for some indoor playplacing and delicious chicken and fries, duh.

Anyway, as we were walking down the uber pink girly bedroom aisle, I spotted my lower half in the mirror and the realization that I’m making my winter coat work way, WAY harder than it should was readily apparent. All I could think of was “I’m a fat guy in a little coat!”

We have way too much fun together. I told her we were keeping our eyes peeled for gold, peach, and pink colored things and she did an awesome job pointing things out!

That being said, she really really really wanted to bring home a gold coated decorative deer head for Mabel’s nursery. And she was really, really, really concerned that they would all be sold and gone before we could ever get a chance to come back and buy it when I kindly told her that “I’d think about it.” I told her maybe it would scare the baby? But she insisted that Mabel would definitely not be afraid of the big gold deer head.

I actually stopped into Goodwill to look for decorative stuff, but while I was there I wondered if maybe they had a maternity section?

Well, they had a “maternity fashions” section and it was 85% filled with scrubs and old lady nightgowns. Awesome!

I did manage to find a cute Liz Lange sweater dress and a Loft non maternity sweater in a size up, so no complaints here. Also, it was 25% off your total purchase day and HOLY CROW the place was overrun.

Abigail always likes to try on shoes while we’re at Goodwill, so I told her she could pick one pair to choose. She went for some floppy boots and really wanted me to take a picture so she could show Dad later how fabulous she looked 🙂

This outfit is fairly significant because not a piece of it is maternity. Nice! I never would have put this dress on, but earlier in the week, Abigail and I were playing “wedding” and she picked out this dress for me to wear. At the risk of destroying my remaining dignity, I tried it on and much to my surprise it fit and still looked pretty cute! It doesn’t have much room left in it for pregnancy, but I knew I had to wear it to church on Sunday. Yes!

Whats happening in your neck of the woods on this fine Tuesday?

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  1. HAha! The Mary-Kate and Ashley mystery show… LOVED that growing up and I totally thought of them when I say Abigail in the trench! Can't wait to see what you're up to with Mabel's room!

    Also love that outfit, glad the dress still fits! xo

  2. These are my favorite posts because I can totally relate – haha!! My entire life seems like a string of iPhone pictures with no structure…what did we do before iPhones?! 🙂 I love that Abigail wants to bring home a gold deer head…what little girl DOESN'T want one in her nursery? 🙂 Mabel would totally love it!! 🙂 Have a great week!!! xo

  3. Looking adorable! Our goodwill has a crappy maternity section, too. Glad you were able to find a couple things!

  4. Your little mini-me is just too cute in that polka dotty coat:) I have been avoiding Hobby Lobby until I can figure out exactly what I need in there. Going in there with no purpose is a very dangerous game indeed for me (well, for our budget, more like). But, once I've narrowed down our nursery needs, we will definitely be paying that store a visit:)

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